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Many environmentally minded families are wondering if organic diapers are available. The answer is “YES”!!! Kanga Care makes a line of truly organic, environmentally sound diapers for all ages, from newborn to training pants. The EcoPosh One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper is made from recycled water bottles, bamboo, and organic cotton. Ecoposh organic diapers are a Kanga Care brand based out of Littleton. This one diaper adjusts to sizes from 6 lbs. to over 35 lbs., which means you can buy 24 diapers when your baby is born and that is all you will ever need. These wonderful diapers adjust using durable plastic snaps to 4 sizes to fit your baby at every stage. This means not only do you help the environment but you also save money; and we all know a new baby means so many things to spend money on.

Are Cloth Diapers Really a Better Solution Than Disposables?

Old-fashioned cloth diapers were a lot of work to fold, and required the use of sharp pins which could accidentally injure the baby; they did little to prevent leaks, and required separate diaper covers. Also, the laundering process used many toxic chemicals which ended up in the environment. Parents used them for decades because there were no alternatives, but they were never ideal. Small wonder then, that everyone was so excited about disposable diapers; no muss, no fuss, no mess, no laundry, just use and discard. Unfortunately there were some drawbacks. Because they were so absorbent, they tended to get changed less often, which led many babies to develop diaper rash; some babies are actually allergic to the chemicals in them. The second problem was the overcrowded landfill situation; because they are not biodegradable, there are now several decades worth of disposable diapers using up ever-decreasing landfill space.

Ecoposh Organic Diapers are the Best Solution

Ecoposh diapers are washable and reusable. The body of the diaper is constructed of three layers of bamboo and organic cotton. The outer cover is made of recycled water bottles and organic cotton, and comes in five colors. With dual inner gussets to prevent leakage and an adjustable rise for sizing, these are already a wonderful diaper. When you add the seven-layer bamboo soaker, which inserts into the pocket, you have a diapering system that is ready for anything. Kanga Care also makes reusable liners to make clean up easier. These diapers should be used with the EcoPosh Wool Cover or the Rumparooz One Size Diaper Covers. You don’t have to compromise; you can integrate what is best for your baby with what is best for the planet, just by choosing Ecoposh organic diapers.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.
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