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Cheap cloth diapers can mean different things; for instance, it can mean that they are cheaply made or cost less to buy than the competition. Here at Kanga Care, we think that it should mean that they cost the least over the entire time your baby is in diapers. One size cloth diapers have the advantage of being adjustable, so they grow with your baby and do not have to be replaced by a larger size. Are our diaper cheaply made? Certainly not! Will they save you money in the long run? Most definitely!

Disposable Diapers are NOT Cheap; Cloth Diapers Cost Less!

Disposable diapers cost between $0.35 and $1.00 per diaper, depending on the size and the quality. That is an average of $0.67 each, and figuring that a baby will need 8 to 10 diapers per day for three years or more, that is a minimum of over $733.00 in disposable diapers! For that kind of money you could buy more than enough Rumparooz one size cloth diapers to keep you baby clean, and dry, and comfortable until the move on up to training pants! Furthermore, if your child needs diapers for four years instead of three, it will not cost you any more money.

Your Time is Also Worth Money

You can, of course, buy the kind of cloth diapers that you have to fold and pin onto your baby, but then you also have to buy diaper pins and spend hours folding them: one fold for girls, another for boys, one way for newborns, another for toddlers; it’s like origami with limp cloth! Kanga Care diapers and diaper covers will save you time, and they are adorable!!! Rumparooz come in 16 colors and 16 prints from black to white to brilliant, plaids to florals and everything in between, because you want baby to look good even when you are trying to save money. Our Rumparoos actually improve with washing, and that is a good thing. Our diaper covers can be wiped dry, so you will need to wash them less often. We also have a great line of accessories made with the same quality, so they last for as long as you need them, because it is not a good deal if you have to buy another because the first one fell apart. Then when that wonderful day comes when it is time for your toddler to start using the potty, Kanga Care also makes training pants. So when you are looking for a bargain, make sure you consider all the angles when you look for cheap. Cloth diapers are certainly cheaper than disposables, and Kanga Care is the best bargain because you will only buy diapers once. Now that is what you really want when you buy “cheap” cloth diapers; a really good deal long term!
Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.
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