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When you begin to diaper boys, it is important to remember that there are important, key differences in diapering a boy verses a girl. Diapering a boy can be challenging due to differences in anatomy. Being a parent means that you will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to change diapers so that they fit properly and will provide the maximum amount of dryness for your little one. Changing a diaper on a baby boy is quite easy. First, lay the baby down on a changing table or other suitable location. You will want to use baby wipes to clean the lower extremities of the infant. Allow the baby to briefly air dry before placing the diaper on. When using baby wipes, it is important that the skin is dry before you put the clean diaper on. The trick to a squirt-free experience is making sure that genitals do not come into contact with cold air. Placing a soft cloth such as a towel, extra soaker, burp cloth, or diaper over the genitals will usually help prevent this unpleasant experience. Many parents will also keep a small towel or extra liner handy during changes in case of accidents involving projected urine. Next, slide the diaper under the baby and fasten the snaps around the waist. When you diaper boys, it is very important that the diaper fits properly. The diaper should fit snugly across the waistline so that there is no pinching, but it should be tight enough that urine and poo does not escape. The top line of the diaper should be even with the belly button. In many ways, the process of sandwiching a diaper onto the newborn is similar to folding a burrito shell.

Should I Use a Diaper Cover?

Pocket diapers, such as Kanga Care’s EcoPosh One Size and the Rumparooz One Size, have proprietary inner gussets and a waterproof outer shell, and therefore do not require diaper covers. If using a fitted diaper, such as the Ecoposh Recycled Organic Newborn Fitted, then you will need to also use an outer diaper cover. The cover is folded and snapped over the top of the fitted diaper, and helps to prevent leakage. As long as they remain unsoiled, diaper covers can be re-worn several times before they need to be washed again.

Diaper Boys in Dapper Ways

You can use diapers in a variety of vivid colors and snazzy patterns to suit your child’s individual personality. Parents love using cloth diapers because they provide a more customized fit and also come in an assortment of different, aesthetically pleasing designs. One of the best parts of using cloth diapers is that they allow parents to diaper boys in stylish fashion while also providing premium comfort.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.
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