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The clue to see what Kanga Care has been up to!

REWIND :: 2016 

If you were with us two years ago, you may remember a discovery, that started it all. Oh, were you not around at the time to recall? Have no worries you can find it all right here!


After much planning and even expanding, a new hunt is going to take place! Roozy has been visiting farmers all over North America looking at their bountiful harvest! He left a few weeks ago with our something blue in tow. No word from him until today and it looks like he has been very busy.

Hello KangaFamily, 

As I have been traveling all over America I have been visiting many different farms and families as you can see on the map below. Unfortunately I was not able to visit every state but almost hit all 50! Today I head up to Canada to see some others, so stay tuned for an update! Oh, silly me I forgot the most important part. I may have left something blue in every scarlet colored state for something BIG Saturday, August 18th! I'll be writing more soon, so stay tuned!

Warm wishes,

Your favorite Kangaroo, Roozy!

Event: Saturday, August 18th

Roozy has sent almost all the final details for the Basket Hunt!
Begins: Saturday, August 18th at 10 AM PT, 11 AM MT, 12 PM CT, 1 PM ET

How to Participate in the Hunt:

  1. Using the map above and clues below, look to see If a basket is hidden near you!
  2. Follow the clues below for your city to hunt down the location of Roozy's basket!
  3. Join the official Basket Hunt Facebook Event and the Kanga Care - Rumparooz Chat Page to gather all the information and enjoy the hunt with our entire KangaCrew! 

If YOU Find a Basket:

Once the basket is found, please open it on the spot! Other hunters will be excited for you and eager to see what is inside! Make sure to complete each qualifier on this list to be entered into winning the GRAND prize!
  • OPEN on the spot!
  • Take a picture with the Basket
  • Post your picture to Facebook or Instagram using #KangaHunt2018 and tag @kangacare
  •  Email [email protected] and include:
    • Subject Line: "Kanga Care Hunt Basket Found: City, State 
    • Your picture with the basket
    • Don't forget the location where the basket was found!
PRIZE?! Yes, not only is this a clue from Roozy on big things coming from Kanga Care but completing the above will enter you to win 3 BIG prizes from Kanga Care. More info on this after all basket locations have reported in.

If You Don't Find a Basket:

We hope that everyone has a great time participating in the hunt! We would love to see pictures and videos from all over showing all the Kanga Care families hunting all over the US and Canada! We hope that there may even be some like-minded friendships that blossom from meeting new families with cloth diaper interests. Although there will only be one "basket finder" per location, we thank you all for your participation and support! Don't forget about the Online Hunt!

Online Hunt:

For those of you who are unable to participate in the live action hunt, we welcome you to play online! Live action hunters are welcome to play as well. However, if you found a physical hidden basket you would not qualify for a second entry through the online game, but you can play for fun!

To participate in the Online Hunt:

  • At 9 am MT on Saturday August 18th visit this page, right here, to find your first clue.
  • The online clues will reference some of the live action hunt clues you see below on this page. These clues will help you find a product on the website where your next clue is hiding!
  • Collect the number given at each clue and keep them in order! This 4-digit code is your key to unlocking your entry to be entered into winning the GRAND prize!

Basket Hunt Start” class=
If you visit Conway, Arkansas I hope your little one is wearing these!

North America Basket Hunt

Hover over the image to see the next clue.

Location & CLUES

United States:

  • Alabama - Cullman :: If you want to get connected, come to this park in Cullman. You will find me by the blue circle thing! 
  • Arizona - Tucson :: Stop by where one would stay that is said to be haunted, nothing political here, just say hi to pick me up!
  • Arkansas - Conway :: Come play in the water at this new feature. You'll find me in Conway, Robinson is the way!
  • California - Pasadena :: Where parents will be coming to gather on this day, as many do here, you will find me at a huge MOMMY event right before you enter resting in what I think is a pretty comfy pot!
  • California - Temecula :: Find me at the workshop for your littles, at the big dill on small change.
  • California - Walnut Creek :: At a giant farm park that shares a lady's name, lies a playground meant for every kind of person, find me in the trees!
  • Colorado - Highlands Ranch :: Splish Splash we won't be taking a bath. At this park we won't be acting civic, possibly trying to cool off! You will find me hanging around!
  • Florida - Palm Harbor :: Come to the springs and climb high for the best views. That is where you’ll find me hiding.
  • Georgia - Atlanta :: In Centennial Park where the children play, is a perfect place for a Kanga Care day! 
  • Idaho - Meridian :: Look for a tree by the "little city of rocks", at this settlers place in Meridian, that is where I will be!
  • Illinois - Chicago :: The earth may be round, but this land of Lincoln is not! You will have a chance to pick me up near the shop to fill up your BELLY!
  • Indiana - Columbus :: Take a seat in Columbus, near the indigenous sculpture. You might just find me under you hiding! Then walk across the street to read all about it!
  • Iowa - Ames :: Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down, And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there. I'll tell you how I got here from Kanga Care, in Golden Colorado packed and adorn, In the office where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all cutting some PUL for the moms to adore. When a couple of ladies, they were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood. They put me in a box and I got a little scared And they said "You're moving to cyclone country, your new family will find you there!” She whistled for a driver and when it came near the License plate said “Smyles” and had a bear in the mirror. If anything I could say that this ride was rare, but I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Doug Ave.! I pulled up to this place about 1 o’clock  And I yelled to the driver "Yo, homes, cloth is better!” Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on a high shelf as the basket of F Brown!
  • Kansas - Overland Park :: You will find me at one of your favorite parks where you can pet animals and get a feel of the farm, but don't enter I'm not quite in there yet!
  • Kentucky - Owensboro :: You can find this bounty at the base of a concrete million dollar tree! You can see the blue bridge in Owensboro from where I sit!

  • Louisiana - Sulfer :: This basket is where the LHSAA State High School Baseball State Championships are held, hanging by where tennis balls fly and where the kids like to play!

  • Maine - South Paris :: Come to the “Closet” and you will find me here at the gates to diaper heaven!
  • Massachusetts - Somerville :: On this path in Somerville, near the Square, you’ll find the basket in the mouth of the metal moose.
  • Minnesota - Duluth :: If you go to this up and coming neighborhood in Duluth, you will find yummy smoked meats, a pint of your favorite local beer, and all sorts of shops for the adventurous people of Duluth. When you are done exploring stop by this shop for a sweet treat. I am hid in the store... make you stop and talk to the folks behind the counter when you find me!
  • Missouri - Cape Girardeau :: You won't have to battle anyone for me here at this fort named with the fourth letter of the alphabet, except maybe a fellow fan! This historic spot is sure to be a learning experience!
  • Nebraska - Omaha :: You don't have to leave Omaha on this wagon train, but look inside to find me!
  • Nevada - Reno :: If you're going north you're going the wrong way to where some come to read, but you will come here to find me!
  • New Jersey - Points Pleasant :: If you are clowning around at the fun house at Jenks, you will find me here!
  • New York - Brooklyn :: Even though I'm blue you will find me at the Greenpoint where many come to look at the big blue sea!
  • North Dakota - Fargo :: Behind the nest, where they park before entering, that's where I'll be! 
  • Ohio - Youngstown :: Roses are red, violets are blue, somewhere within Youngstown I'm waiting for you!
  • Oregon - Salem :: Take a slice out of your day and come enjoy a sweet treat with me from this iconic Salem company!
  • Pennsylvania - Allison Park :: Canoes, kayaks, trails, tennis courts, fishing and playgrounds. Who could ask for more? Biking and dining, Zip-lining, so free. I, the Kanga Care basket am hidden; Where could I be?
  • South Carolina - Rock Hill :: This tart park is perfect for a family day, but you will find me hiding next to something mighty some would say!
  • Tennessee - Clarksville :: A lake separates me from the land, but my mouth is wide and dark. Get close enough and I’ll chill you to the bone!
  • Texas - Allen :: Where you come to celebrate or cool down at the Sprayground - you will find your treat (me) here!
  • Utah - Murray :: Roozy left me near this beloved farmers markets! You will find me over the bridge near the flowing water!
  • Virginia - Virginia Beach :: You can find me where trash used to lay, but now it filled with kids who play! I I found a cozy spot right next to the giant, but listen closely when you get there, you might hear him whispering!
  • Washington - Manette :: I am sandwiched between two shops and am relaxing with my morning cup of coffee and delicious pastry. I am just down the hill from the cutest cloth diaper store around and enjoy a little antique shopping as well. Have you tried The Daily ice cream yet? It's amazing!
  • Wisconsin - Madison :: The animals live at a place called Henry, but you will find me watching my favorite mate's swinging tree to tree!


  • Quebec - Rosemère
    • Je suis le centre commercial le plus populaire de Rosemère. 
    • De nuit comme de jour, je suis visible de l'autoroute (640). 
    • D'où je suis, je ne vois que de la verdure Je suis âgée de plusieurs millénaires.

    • I am the most popular mall in Rosemère. 
    • I am visible from the 640 freeway night or day. 
    • From where I am all I see is greenery.  
    • I am several millennial old.

  • Quebec - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
    • Je suis dans la ville surnommée "La capitale des montgolfière". 
    • Dans un parc portant le nom d'un célèbre navigateur. 
    • Plus précisément, on me retrouvera au pied d'un grand catalpa.

    • I am in the city that is known as the Capital of hot air balloons. 
    • In a park named after a famous navigator. 
    • More precisely at the base of a big catalpa.

  • Quebec - Gatineau
    • Dans le plus grand centre d'achat de Gatineau. 
    • à l'endroit où nous allons pour manger, près d'en endroit accueillant.

    • In Gatineau’s largest shopping mall. 
    • In the area you go to eat near the reception booth.

  • Alberta - Calgary :: Bridgeland is where I sit. My vantage point is lit by the golden domes of Mary's holy house and I can see Stanley's ice cream on the corner. Next to me is a dino friend and lots of little kids playing. Come find me and let's play!

  • British Columbia - Maple Ridge
    • I am used for movie shoots, weddings, musical performances and special events.
    • I am also home to the Jazz and Blues Festival and Movies in the Park.
    • From where I sit, I can see a cenotaph and fountains.

  • Ontario - Ottawa:: I stand a huge 60 Feet high. Strong, Rushing water - I won't run dry. Just where the canal and river part ways. People come visit me on sunny days. The Prince of Wales is my real name. Come find your Kanga Care at the end of the game.

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