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Gift Card $25 (digital)
Gift Card $25 (digital)

Gift Card $25 (digital)

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Instructions to PRINT NOW and gift to a friend or loved one:

  1. Above, fill in the "From" (you) and "To" (recipient) fields.
  2. Enter YOUR email address in the email field.  The Gift Certificate code will be emailed to YOU!
  3. Print the Gift Certificate graphic HERE.
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields, including the Gift Certificate code located in your email.
  5. Stick in an envelope, gift card holder or wrap and GIVE! 

Gift Cards make great Shower Gifts!
Gift cards may be redeemed online at or in store:

Kanga Care
508 Violet St.
Golden CO 80401

In store, simply hand the card to the cashier for payment.
Online, enter the card number in the "Gift Certificate Number" box at checkout.

Additional value may be added to the card at any time by calling 303-279-3864.
Gift Cards are not a credit/debit card and have no implied warranties.
Merchant is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use.
Card is redeemable for merchandise only. Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash.
Physical Card - How to order:Please fill in YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so that the Gift Certificate code and confirmation are sent to YOU.  You will receive a digital confirmation of your gift card purchase.  You will also be issued a Gift Certificate Number. 

Since you would like us to send you a physical card, we will be issuing you a new gift card code.  The code generated for the email will become invalid.  Your physical card will have a unique number and the funds will be available once the card arrives. Physical Gift Cards will be mailed to the shipping address you specify at checkout.

Digital CardYou will receive an email confirmation of your gift card purchase.   This email will have your valid Gift Certificate Number which is now active in the amount of the purchased balance.

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