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Kanga Care operates on a simple idea for newborn diapers: you should not need a different diaper for your newborn and for your two year old going into potty training. Beyond reducing the amount of waste put out, using a reusable and adjustable diaper means not having to spend a large amount of money on disposable diapers. After all, the costs of a newborn alone are often so staggering that people frequently forget to consider the small costs of diapers over time.

So Why Should I Use Kanga Care for Newborn Diapers?

Simply put, there are a variety of reasons why you would want to choose any of our various cloth diapers for your child. One of the biggest reasons, however, is that your newborn diapers can quickly become toddler and two year old diapers in moments. Each cloth diaper has a series of snaps which can let you adjust both how tall, and how wide, the diaper is. This gives you the ability to use the same diaper for your child all through their early years, and indeed, right as they come home from the hospital.

How Do They Work?

Each cloth diaper is, in effect, two parts. The outer layer lets you adjust the diaper to the size you need it, while being durable and capable of repeated use and the various bits of wear and tear that a child will go through during their first couple of years. Inside the covering is a series of pockets which can be filled with Kanga Care soakers – padding that lets you decide how much protection and absorbency your child needs. Each one comes with our patented protection process to make sure that the messes stay inside the diaper, where they belong.

Costs and Benefits of Cloth Diapers

If for no other reason, Kanga Care cloth diapers can be a benefit to your family because they are an investment as opposed to something disposable. With regular diapers, once they’re gone, you have to go buy another package. With cloth diapers, all you have to do is toss the soakers into the wash on a sanitation cycle, and you now have a new batch of clean diapers. Furthermore, because of the variety of designs for the outer layer, these types of diapers can be resold, letting you recoup some of your costs once your child no longer needs them.

Why go with plastic that you’re going to throw away, when Kanga Care newborn diapers are better in every way?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.
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