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6r Soaker Cloth Diaper Insert - Microfiber SECONDS (discolored) :: 2 pack
2 pack of Microfiber 6rSoakers - SECOND Quality (discolored or dusty)
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6r Soaker Cloth Diaper Insert - Microfiber SECONDS (discolored) :: 2 pack

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What are "Second Quality" inserts?

These Microfiber 6rSoakers are brand new, unused and 100% fully functional the same as first quality Microfiber 6rSoakers. The inserts in this listing have been categorized as "second quality" because they have either gotten dirty from being dropped on the floor of the warehouse. Other times they are pulled for discoloration from being paired up with a diaper color or print that left a hint of the color or print on the white microfiber material. In either the case of getting dusty, dirty, or discolored these insert should come clean on their first wash and is an aesthetic issue only. The discoloration does not affect the function or absorbency in any way.
These insert make a great option if you are renewing your stash with new inserts or if you just need to have a few extra inserts on hand to use as doublers.

TIP! Using 2 of the small, contoured newborn insert on the "Newborn" and "Small" diaper size is a great way to DOUBLE your absorbency without adding bulk!

Not ONE insert, but TWO...

The Rumparooz 6R Soaker was designed specifically for the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, but has such a complete range of size and absorbency customization it can be used in any pocket diaper in your cloth diaper stash. Each Rumparooz 6R soaker is actually a pair of inserts, one contoured newborn insert with two snaps (3 layers thick) and one one-size insert with various snap settings (4 layers thick). The Rumparooz 6R soaker is the first one size insert that lets you fully customize both size and absorbency with 6 different settings. Inserts that are made from natural fibers must be fully prepped before use. The Hemp & Rayon from Bamboo inserts will be at their maximum absorbency after 8-10 Hot Wash/Tumble Dry High, however they may be used before they are fully prepped. To prep soakers, wash on hot (no detergent) then tumble dry on high 3-5 times.

The Rumparooz 6r Soaker insert is a set and includes:

  • (1) Contoured Newborn Insert with two snaps (3 layers thick)
  • (1) One-Size Insert with various snap settings (3 layers thick)

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