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Warranties and Defects

Snaps: We offer a lifetime warranty on all snaps. If your snap is ever pulled off, falls off, cracks or just plain isn't snapping, just simply fill out this form so we can get your diaper in, fix it up and pop it back in the mail to you promptly.

Elastics: We have a 3 month warranty on all elastics. At this time we do not have the availability to repair elastic outside of the 3 month time frame. Please see "What will void the Kanga Care warranty" below. Elastics that have become un-attached in the casing, stitching undone, or have a defect due to a manufacturing error are covered under the warranty. Elastic that has been dissolved or become corroded due to detergents or cleaning agents that are not on our recommended list or have given out due to time, wear and tear are not covered under the warranty.

Sewing: We have a 6 month warranty on all stitching and seams. Sewing defects will usually arise either immediately or within the first couple washes, if ever. If you happen to receive an item that has a sewing defect, simply fill out this form and we will get your diaper in and promptly repair and return it to you. Holes or snags that occur in any of the fabrics due to wear and tear of the fabrics are not covered under our warranty. At this time we do not have the availability to repair sewing outside of the 6 month time frame. Please see "What will void the Kanga Care warranty" below.


What is not under warranty? What is not considered a defect?

Wicking and or leaking are not a defect of any diaper. Most causes of leaking or wicking is due to the saturation of the inserts. This can easily be resolved by either changing the diaper more frequently, adding an additional insert as a booster or re-configuring your 6r soaker. A Bamboo or Hemp 6r soaker will also increase the absorbency without adding bulk to the diaper. Another frequent cause is due to sizing. If you have a Rumparooz® one size cloth diaper you can test this out by adjusting the diaper to the rise setting either up or down. If a diaper is too small or too big it can leak and/or wick.

Repelling, staining and sizing/fit issues. We provide care recommendations for all our products. These recommendations are highly suggested but not enforceable. Many of these issues are easily resolved through troubleshooting with customer service so please fill out this form if you need a little guidance.

General wear and tear of materials from wash and use. Due to the nature of some of our natural fabrics excessive use can result in small holes of the items.Elastic that has been dissolved or become corroded due to detergents or cleaning agents that are not on our recommended list or have given out due to time, wear and tear are not covered under the warranty. 

Neglect of recommended wash and care guidelines. TPU/PUL delamination and seam sealing separation that has occurred from improper wash and care, water temperatures, detergents, laundry additives or advised against methods are not covered under warranty.


How to maintain your warranty:

  • To keep your elastic in good health please keep a few things in mind. Your elastic will last longer if you do not stuff your diapers while warm and fresh out of the dryer. This is a very common action that results in "too stretched out" elastic. Let diapers cool completely before folding or stuffing.
  • Please do not soak your diapers, covers, wet bags or pail liners in any type of water, detergent, formula or chemical(s) for any amount of time. Doing so can break down the durability of the elastic and cause it to become dry and brittle. Much like an old rubber band, when stretching it out, the elastic may crumble. This issue is easy to diagnose. Borax based detergents will cause this to happen as well. Soaking can also cause the waterproof laminate to wear out prematurely or even detach/peel away from the fabric (this is called delamination.) 
    Please refer to the "How to wash and care" page for detailed information on a recommended wash routine.
  • The use of the sanitize cycle is not recommended for any Kanga Care products, other then inserts. The use of the sanitize cycle on Wet Bags and Pail Liners will cause the seam sealing to detach as the temperature is too hot and melts the bond/glue. The sanitize cycle can also cause the bond between the laminate and the fabric on the diapers, Wet Bags, Pail Liners, diaper covers and changing pads to separate. 
  • Washing any Kanga Care products in water temperatures in excess of 130ºF can cause damage and would not be covered under the manufacturers warranty. Water temperatures that exceed 130ºF (53ºC) will prematurely age diapers and diapering accessories, including, but not limited to, TPU/PUL demalination and seam sealing separation.
!!! Tap water scald burns are the most frequent cause of nonfatal burn injuries in children. Most of these burns occur in the home, and hot water heater thermostat settings below 60°C (140°F) significantly decrease the risk of such burns in young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other safety-promotion organizations recommend that thermostats be set at 49 to 53°C (120 to 130°F), and ordinances encouraging lower hot water temperatures exist in some localities.


How do I get my product repaired or replaced?

Please start the process by filling out this form. Please do not ship any items to us until your claim process have begun and you have been issued your RMA. We will be in touch soon after you file your claim and will provide detailed instructions the ensure a swift and stress-free resolution.

If you have a brand new, unopened, unwashed, unworn, still in packaging item and you would like to return it, please see the RMA Section, list toward the top of this page.


Warranty Information:

Our warranty is only extended to the original purchaser of the products.
Defects may either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Kanga Care. All diapers must arrive clean, unstained, lint free, and dry. Seriously, dont ask why we have to mention this, but we definitely do. All diapers with excessive wear will not be replaced or repaired under our warranty. In those cases, depending on the repair needed and the ability to be repaired, the customer may be offered the repair at a reasonable price. Any products sent to us that do not follow the above conditions will be returned without repair.

Due to the nature of one size diapers and the excessive use that 1 diaper will go through (in 4 size settings, and hundreds of washes) one size diapers lasting through multiple children is not a guarantee or promise. We can not guarantee how long they will last. Just like any other garment, by using the diaper and washing, drying, and caring for the diaper, wearing will occur. The life expectancy of our products depends on the degree of care taken, the quantity of diapers in your rotation and type of abuse the diaper is given. The average diaper is washed every other day for several months. This gives the average diaper a value equivalent to 91.5 disposable diapers in just 6 months (91.5 disposables = avg. of $27.45).

If the item does fall under our warranty, the product should be mailed directly to us, the manufacturer, and not returned to the retailer it was purchased from (unless, of course, that retailer was us.) To contact us about a defect or diaper issue, please fill out this form.


What will void the Kanga Care warranty:

  • Washing instructions are not followed
  • Use of Sanitizing cycle while washing or water temperature above 130ºF
  • Use of any fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
  • Use of diaper rash creams without a liner
  • Use of and or soaking in bleach, Borax based cleaners, Oxy Clean, or any other caustic substances that may damage the materials and compromise the integrity of the elastics and waterproof nature of the TPU.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.
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