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Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Bundle - Original Package of 24 - YOU pick!
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Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Bundle - Original Package of 24 - YOU pick!

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Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diapers - Original Package of 24 - YOU pick!

Buy in BULK and SAVE $$$ with Kanga Care Bundles! You choose any in-stock prints / colors to make up your perfect bundle!

This Cloth Diaper Package includes:

Additional Information

To Use:

  • Before first use, wash diapers once.
  • Snap diaper rise to proper size setting.
  • Select the proper 6r soaker for size of diaper and insert through pocket opening, placing soaker inside the diaper.
  • Fasten diaper to baby!
Wash & Care Instructions

The number one thing to remember when caring for your diapers is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks.

Washing Instructions

  • 1 Cold rinse
  • 2 Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
  • 3 Cool rinse
  • 4 Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

Detergent Recommendations

Click here for Kanga Care's list of recommended detergents that have undergone testing and fulfill the necessary requirements for effectively cleaning human waste.

Please do not use laundry additives such as bleach, Oxiclean, Borax or Bac-out to wash your Kanga Care products, learn more about how this can negatively effect your cloth diapers and accessories.

If you have questions about our washing instructions, please ask! We are happy to help!

Sizing Information

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Such a Great Deal!

We love our RARs, and the 24 pack is so perfect! It's such a great value once we were ready to commit fully to cloth. We love these so much, and so does our daycare! We love that we're able to keep our carbon footprint a little lower with this investment, along with supporting such an incredible company. Promotions/rewards won't apply to this bundle, but you're already getting SUCH a good deal, so it works out in your favor. These diapers are so incredible at holding messes, and we love that these will last even beyond our first little dude!

United States United States

Love my Diapers

I love the double gussets and the durability of the diapers. I have been using them on my 4 month old and they work great! Looking forward to seeing how they hold up in the years to come:)

Colleen D.
United States United States


This order size is exactly what we needed. This is our first time, full-time cloth diapering. The amount of diapers we have is enough that I only have to wash every other day and that is perfect as soiled diapers should not sit for very long. We have not had any blowouts and any leaking has been minor. Our son is about 13 pounds and we use the rectangle 6r soaker folded to the smaller size during the day, and both liners (rectangle and hourglass) at night. We try to do changes at every feeding... unless more frequently required! Haha! The quality is great! No matter how the set smells going in the wash, they come out smelling fresh every time. I am certain these would last through another child as well. Some things to be aware of: - the microfiber liners are VERY absorbent. After I finish folding a whole stack of diapers, I have to put lotion on because my fingertips get very dried out. - the 10% for joining the email group does not apply to this large set. It's still a great deal. - I have one diaper that has a broken thread that is an issue for structure. And that one is an old one I bought seven years ago with my first child. (I only bought 5, and couldn't convince my husband that cloth diapering was a good idea at the time, so it never got used. I'm so glad he came around!) The other 4 and the 24 from this order are flawless! - You can color coordinate: for example, platinum is the color we use for our night time diapers. That being said, when I ordered, there were not many colors available and I had to re-submit the order several times to clear out all of the out-of-stock colors. - I also recommend getting at least a few of the fun prints. It's really nice to have a fun diaper that you look forward to changing your kid into every once and a while. They make cloth diapering that much more delightful of an experience! Final note, within three days of switching from throw away diapers to Rumparooz, my husband noticed that our son had no redness at all and these diapers had been keeping our baby even drier!


Loving the cloth diaper life!

I never imagined using cloth diapers would be this easy or rewarding. My daughter hasn't needed a drop of diaper cream since birth, when we started the cloth diapers. There have been no blowouts, and they are incredibly easy to use and adjust to get as she grows! Thanks KangaCare for allowing us to make a positive difference in our carbon footprint, improve our daughter's health by preventing exposing her to harsh diaper bleaching agents, and saving us a bundle of cash, too!

M S.
San Diego


This is by far a great deal for the diapers! These are the only brand that fit my little one perfectly, and the prints are just so cute. They are super soft, and washing is a breeze. They dry fast, and the bamboo inserts are my favorite.

Rebecca R.