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Lil Learnerz Training Pants (2pk) - Resolution
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Lil Learnerz Training Pants (2pk) - Resolution

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Fill your year with Resolution - and watch your little one grow with these potty training pants! Lil Learnerz are here to help your toddler hit the next milestone - potty training! When your little one is ready to leave the diapers behind but still needs help and protection, Lil Learnerz will become that essential aid. Lil Learnerz look like big kid underwear and come in multiple fun prints and vibrant color combinations. Lil Learnerz are made with IMWET TECHNOLOGY! This feature lets your toddler feel wet when they have had an accident. This helps them learn more about their body and aids in the potty learning process. Lil Learnerz are breathable and soft with a hypoallergenic layer that rests against your child's skin.

Lil Learnerz are also waterproof and can hold a heavy accident with no trouble. The inside is made up of an absorbent, dual layer, microfiber core. Lil Learnerz are easy to pull up and down by your little learner! Just like real underwear! Lil Learnerz are available in five sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. The Extra Small and Small sizes also feature side snapping release panels for easy-off in case of accidents with early learners.

Additional Information

  • Waterproof outside
  • Hypoallergenic inner
  • 2 layers of absorbency
  • IMWET Technology lets child feel we and learn their own body signals while Lil Learnerz training pants keeps accidents from leaking.
  • Sizes X-Small & Small have side-snap release panels for ease with accidents and early learners
  • Size Medium, Large, and X-Large are Pull-up style.
Wash & Care Instructions

The number one thing to remember when caring for your diapers is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks.

Washing Instructions

  • 1 Cold rinse
  • 2 Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
  • 3 Cool rinse
  • 4 Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

Detergent Recommendations

Click here for Kanga Care's list of recommended detergents that have undergone testing and fulfill the necessary requirements for effectively cleaning human waste.

Please do not use laundry additives such as bleach, Oxiclean, Borax or Bac-out to wash your Kanga Care products, learn more about how this can negatively effect your cloth diapers and accessories.

If you have questions about our washing instructions, please ask! We are happy to help!

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Very fun and colorful!

This is such a fun, colorful print! My kids love it so much!


My granddaughter loved them

My granddaughter was excited to get these to help her with accidents at night. She thought they were pretty cute. They worked great. I ordered mediums which were a tad too tight. So I ordered 2 more sets in large. When I ordered the second sets, I asked them to withhold the plastic packaging (save the earth with unnecessary packaging) and I received my second order without the package- ??! And no more disposable pullups going into the landfill. Thank you!

Teresa W.
St Louis

Excellent Swim Diapers!

These are fantastic swim diapers. The side snaps in size S are so handy, and Resolution is such a great print!

Sarah S.