Fraud Blocker Clue 1 :: #RoozyTravelz | Kanga Care

Clue 1 :: #RoozyTravelz

The clue to see what Kanga Care has been up to!

REWIND :: 2016 If you were with us two years ago, you may remember a discovery, that started it all. Oh, were you not around at the time to recall? Have no worries you can find it all right here:
FASTFORWARD :: 2018 After much planning and even expanding a new hunt is ON! Roozy has been visiting famers all over North America looking at their bountiful harvest! Just opened this morning a letter from Roozy stating, Hello KangaFamily, as I have been traveling all over America I have been visiting many different farms and families as you can see on the map below. Unfortunately I was not able to visit every state but almost hit all 50! Today I head up to Canada to see some others, so stay tuned for an update! Oh, silly me I forgot the most important part, I just may have left something blue in every scarlet colored state! I'll be writing more soon, so stay tuned!    

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