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How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

This is a question that many parents ask: how many cloth diapers do I need to keep my baby in diapers until they are ready for training pants? It really depends on what kind of cloth diapers you choose to use, how often you change them, how often you launder them, and, ultimately, how soon your baby is ready for training pants.

What Kind of Diapers Will You Use?

Kanga Care offers two lines of all in one diaper, plus pre-folded diapers for those who wish to start with the traditional cloth diaper; we also offer diaper covers, of course. Our most popular brand is Rumparooz, which are a one size diaper that adjusts to fit babies from six pounds to over 35 pounds. For most babies, that is birth to training pants. If you have enough Rumparooz when your baby is born, you will not need to buy any more diapers for your new addition to the family.

How Often Should You Change Your Baby’s Diaper?

The general opinion is that you should change your baby’s diaper at least every two hours, or whenever it becomes wet or soiled. Since babies do sleep for more than two hours at night, and the last thing any parent wants to do is to wake a sleeping baby, most families find that 8 to 10 per day is about what they use. That is an average of 3285 diaper changes per year! That is a whole lot of diapers. If you were using disposables, you could easily spend $500 a year! But “how many cloth diapers do I need?” was the question.

How Often Will You Launder Them?

How many diapers you need will depend on how often you wash them. Kanga Care diapers are made to be stored in a Wet Bag or one of our Pail Liners; the bag and liner can be washed right along with the diapers. We recommend you wash no less than every three days, but many parents choose to wash daily. If you wash every three days, you will need between 24 and 30 diapers, plus a few extra to get you through the dryer cycle. If you wash more often, you will need fewer.

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need: What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that you can purchase a package of 24 Rumparooz for about what you will spend on disposable diapers for one year, or about the same as you would spend on pre-folded diapers and diaper covers by the time you get small, medium, and large. So remember Kanga Care Rumparooz when you find yourself asking “how many cloth diapers do I need?”