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The Team

Julie Ekstrom

Julie Ekstrom
Founder & CEO

Julie has made a revolutionary impact on the market of cloth diapers for the baby industry. While filling a personal need to find a better diapering solution for her own family, Julie created, developed and now produces diapering solutions with patented leak protection.

Kanga Care, was formed in 2007 after an overwhelming response from the public to purchase the diapers Julie designed and had sewn for her daughter. This original diaper was the Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper. Julie has since gone on to conceptualize and bring to market many more brands and accessory products for Kanga Care. Kanga Care products can now be found world wide in more than 50 countries through online retailers, boutique shops and major retailers such as Target,, Walmart and more.

Julie's passion is founded in creating. Her constant need to design and develop along with her drive to better the world around her keeps Kanga Care in a perpetual forward motion of improvement and innovation. In 2012, Julie was nominated for and won the Gold Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year and also the Silver Stevie Award for Lifetime Achievement Award. On April 23, 2013, Julie was granted US Patent 8,425,483 for the Double gusset cloth diaper along with method for making the same.

Chad Ekstrom

Chad Ekstrom
CFO & Director of Sales

Chad Ekstrom brings 14 years of sales experience to the Kanga Care team including a 10 year sales career with a top ranking Fortune 500 bank. When he is hard at work, Chad manages new relationships to the Kanga Care family as well as business development. Chad uses his experiences to bring life and a laugh to the team. From soup to nuts, Chad has supported Julie from cutting and tracing fabric to international sales trips to support growth and education of cloth diapering globally.

Chad is the husband to Julie Ekstrom and proud father of their three daughters and two sons. When not working or parenting Chad enjoys mountain biking, playing music, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Amanda St. John

Amanda St. John
Customer Care

Amanda is a mom of two little ones, and she has been cloth diapering since the birth of her first. She stumbled upon Kanga Care while shopping at a retailer and very quickly noticed how the quality spoke for itself! Amanda's love for the products and company led her to volunteer her time through helping with fit and wash routines on our Facebook chat page. Amanda's enthusiasm for Kanga Care continued to grow and Amanda now serves as our Customer Care Representative. Working remotely from Canada, she remains passionate about helping everyone get the most out of their cloth diaper journey.

Marquel Vance

Marquel Vance
Social Media, Graphics & Marketing

Marquel came to Kanga Care through the internship program in 2015. Upon wrapping up her internship it was clear that Marquel's ideas, engagement with the customers and excitement for the industry had carved her out a permanent position in the Marketing Department. Now a mom to her little one, Marquel is cloth diapering first hand and loves educating others on their cloth diapering journey!


Nana & Autumn
The Little Girl Who Started It All & The Woman Who Taught Her Daughter To Sew

These may very well be two of the very most important ladies that Kanga Care has to pay gratitude toward. Without either of them the Rumparooz would have never been born and thus Kanga Care and the future lines of diapers and accessories would have never followed!