Fraud Blocker How to Achieve the Perfect Fit with Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

How to Achieve the Perfect Fit with Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

Fuzz Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper

Are you ready to embark on your cloth diapering journey with Kanga Care's Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers? These diapers are designed to grow with your little one, ensuring a snug and leak-free fit from 6 to 40+ lbs. To help you get the best fit possible, we've put together a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions.

Choosing the Right Rise Setting

The key to achieving a great fit with Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers starts with selecting the appropriate rise setting. These diapers offer four different rise settings:

  • Newborn (6-10lbs): For the tiniest of bundles, snap down the rise to this setting and use just the newborn (hourglass shape) insert.
  • Small (10-17lbs): Similarly, snap the rise to the small setting, and on this level, one newborn insert may suffice. Some parents even stack two newborn inserts for extra absorbency.
  • Medium (17-27lbs): As your baby grows, move up to the medium rise. Keep the long insert unsnapped and use both inserts as needed.
  • Large (27-40+lbs): When your little one hits this weight range, ensure the long insert is fully unsnapped for maximum coverage.

Proper Insert Stuffing:

When stuffing your diaper, make sure the inserts lay flat and aren't bunched up or curled inside. Proper stuffing is critical for both comfort and a leak-free experience. Once you have stuffed the insert into the cloth diaper it helps to pinch the insert and pocket diaper with one hand and spread the hand that is still inserted into the diaper while pulling it out. For a visual demonstration you can watch here.

Step-by-Step to Putting on the Diaper:

  • When fitting a diaper onto a baby, you should align the back of the diaper directly level with their belly button, as if you could draw an invisible line around their tummy.
  • The wings of the diaper should always wrap around their waist, never crossing over their thighs.
  • After the diaper is under the baby, lined up with their belly button, hold it in place and give it a little stretch. It should stretch forward about an inch or two – pocket diapers, like the Rumparooz, are very stretchy. This stretch is an important part of the fit.
  • Next you will pull the diaper up through the baby's legs. When the front of the diaper is pulled up through their legs, fold it together like a hot dog bun. The elastic should follow along the "underwear crease"; (imagine if they had on a pair of underwear) in the baby's legs.
  • Once the diaper has been brought all the way to the front, fan it out. The front panel should lay flat across their tummy.
  • The tabs on the right and left wings will reach around from each side and snap to the front panel.
  • If the front panel or the wing tabs are crossing over the thighs instead of wrapping around the waist – this is an indicator that the baby might be ready to go up to the next size! 

Bonus Tip: Cloth diapering is the same, no matter the baby's sex! If your little one has a penis, simply ensure it is pointed downwards and centered.

Quick Fit Checklist:
  1. Is the diaper snuggly in the underwear line?
  2. Are the tab snaps NOT pulling?
  3. Remember, a belly gap is perfectly ok!
  4. Push extra rise fabric UP!

That’s It! Easy Huh?!

Congratulations, you've successfully fitted your baby with a Kanga Care Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper. Now, enjoy the journey of knowing your little one is comfortably and securely diapered in cloth.

Will these diapers fit my chunky baby?

Don't worry if it seems like your baby is quickly filling out the sizes available in the Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper yet they have a year, or more, left in their diapering journey. When fitted correctly, the Rumparooz will fit your baby up to 40 lbs or more. Babies grow in various ways, and their bodies change as they develop. Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers are designed to adapt to your baby's needs. The medium setting will be the size your baby spends the most amount of time in on their Rumparooz! In some cases, they may grow into the medium around 6 months, but they will also not grow out of it until after they are 2, or even 2.5!  It is also very common for older toddlers who have been sized up to the large, to be brought back down to the medium as they continue to become more active, get taller, leaner, trim down and need to slim back into the smaller rise even after having been in the larger size at a younger, chubbier stage. 

Many families report back that their babies potty train while in the medium size on the Rumparooz.

Julie, CEO and inventor of the Rumparooz designed these diapers to fit babies of ALL sizes. Even her own son, who was 27 lbs at 6 months old, was a medium until 22 months, and wore the Rumparooz up through potty training at 42 lbs.

Email us anytime at if you feel you could use assistance with your fit. The key points to a good fit on chunky legs are stretching the diaper, making sure the elastics are tucked in the underwear line (not across the thighs), and to make sure the thigh tabs sit comfortably on the baby and also do not cut across the thigh. 

We hope these tips help you on your cloth diapering journey with Kanga Care. For more baby care tips and information, stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future tips & tricks!

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