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March Madness

Games 1 - 3


Are you up for the challenge? For the whole month of March Kanga Care will be going mad with clues to help you earn points! Each week on Wednesday you will be updated with weekly clues found on both Kanga Care's Blog or the particular games Facebook event (Game 1 Event) event to help you find "codes" to earn your points! You can do the do list in one sitting or spread out the event throughout the week. The time management is completely up to you! Follow the instructions below to begin!


Here is the game plan - all from the comfort of your couch! Completely read directions before beginning!
  1. First, create a Kanga Care Account here! If you already have one please sign in!
  2. The first clue (below) will be ready to be discovered as of 9 am MST on 3/01/17 (8 am PT, 9 am MST, 10 am CT, 11 am EST)
  3. Following the clues given here, you will click through, social media and more. The weekly post found here will give more detail! Each contain your 6 digit code! HINT: Clicking isn't always the answer! Take time to ponder... or hover ... or read descriptions ... or read the complete post!
  4. Each answer to the clues will have a 6-digit number at the end - write this down! You will need to enter this into a form for answers at the end the month. **Have one notebook to help you stay organized the whole month!
  5. Next, "Click Me!" This will lead you to a form to fill out AT THE END OF THE MONTH! Here is the challenge YOU MUST KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CODES! Find your favorite note book so you can keep track of codes! This is part of the "challenge" After week 4 and you have played the 4th game you will fill out the form with all the codes. After you have successfully submitted the form and your answers on the last day (March 31st) you will receive a confirmation email. Questions? email:
  6. During the last week, after you complete all the clues, submit the form!
  7. The online madness ends Friday March 31st at 11:59 pm MST

We are all winners if we play the game right!

How do you become a winner?! The more clues you find the more reward points you receive! Kanga Care will honor your account with your reward points once your form has been submitted with all information needed on March 31st. The 6 digit code must be entered for you to get points toward the clues. Different days may have a different value! You will be able to use these points towards a Kanga Care purchase in April.......but we can't give too much away!

Week 2 • Game 2 Clues:


Week 3 • Game 3 Clues:


Week 4 • Game 4 Clues:


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