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How Many Parents Use Cloth Diapers

How Many Parents Use Cloth Diapers

Once, cloth diapers were the mainstay for diapering infants. However, this began changing when disposable diapers hit the market. These diapers drastically reduced the need for frequent washing, and the convenience of disposable diapers attracted parents for a while—but not anymore.

Most parents are now aware of the cost of that convenience on the environment. They have begun to prefer reusable cloth diapers. Besides, cloth diapers are no longer the drab affairs of old times. They are now stylish, match the convenience of disposable diapers, and are more cost-effective as well.

If you are wondering how many parents use cloth diapers today, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. You represent the growing number of parents who want the best for their baby and the environment.

How Popular Are Cloth Diapers?

A 2017 survey on diapering reveal fascinating insights:

  • About 21% of parents use or have used cloth diapers. The number of parents who use cloth diapers is an increase from the 9% of parents that used diapers in a 2010 survey.
  • A third of parents are willing to start cloth diapering after knowing how cost-effective it is. Disposable diapers will cost you over $2500 for prime quality, which is well beyond the amount you will spend if you purchase cloth diapers. For instance, for only $606, you get the Kanga Care “All In” Original 24 Pack+ consisting of 24 Rumparooz one size cloth diapers, four wet bags, one wet bag mini, and a changing pad. This bundle will last your child from birth to potty training. Later, you can pass them down to your next child or resell them on the second hand market, often for up to 75% of their original market value.
  • A third of parents are willing to switch to cloth over concerns about what disposable diapers do to the environment. Most parents are conscious of their actions’ effects on the environment and are more willing to make responsible diapering choices.

Why Haven’t More Parents Switched to Cloth Diapering?

Cloth diaper market estimates indicate that about 5% of parents choose to use cloth diapers yearly. These are encouraging prospects. Most parents who decide to use disposable diapers have no real awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers.

Some parents may have only a vague idea of the existence of cloth diapers and imagine them to be unexciting bits of diapering. Others are intimidated, thinking that cloth diapers require technical skills to use. Nonetheless, cloth diapers are as easy to use as the alternatives, they are more effective, and they exist in an impressive variety of functionality and style.

Kanga Care, for instance, has diapers to fit any style and need. We have cloth diapers for heavy wetting and light wetting babies. We carry newborn through toddlers sizes in diapering and training pants, and all in one diapers as well as one size diapers.

Where Can I Meet Other Parents That Use Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diaper parenting is an exciting adventure, and there is so much you will want to share with fellow parents going through the same journey. Fortunately, more parents like you have chosen to undertake the same journey and are willing to share their everyday experiences.

Here are some of the places you can meet up online:

  • Kanga Care – Rumparooz Chat on Facebook is one of the most vibrant online communities around Kanga Care cloth diapering. It brings parents from all walks of life and is full of tips, inspiring stories, and support.
  • Kanga Care on Instagram, be sure to catch our reels and lives where you can be the first to check out new products, events, giveaways, classes and many other opportunities to interact with the company and community.
  • Kanga Care on Twitter, where you can engage with the company and fellow parents on cloth diapering.
  • Kanga Care on TikTok, where you can pick up quick cloth diapering tips and tricks and check out what your fellow creative cloth diapering parents are up to
  • Cloth diaper conversations on Reddit offer valuable discussions on cloth diapering and Kanga Care products.
  • Quora is another place to find people who live the cloth diaper lifestyle and wouldn’t mind sharing it with you.

These communities and others like them give you a platform to share experiences, aspirations, challenges, and successes around your babies and diapering.

Why Are Cloth Diapers Becoming Popular, and Why Should You Join the Bandwagon

  • Cost-effectiveness: Many parents love the cost-effectiveness of cloth diapers. Buying cloth diapers, especially in packages, makes economic sense. The cloth diapers you buy now will see you through more than one baby.
  • Environmentally friendly: Disposable diapers are a significant pollutant of the environment. Using reusable cloth diapers helps in reducing landfill waste.
  • Great variety of functionality and color to match your needs and style: Many parents are discovering that cloth diapers are more fun than what they grew up with. The common sense functionality of cloth diapers is back in more styles and colors.
  • Cloth diapers are chemical free: Some disposable diaper chemicals are linked to various diseases such as cancer and endocrine disruption.
  • Cloth diapers make it easy to potty train your child: In most cases, cloth diapers prompt children to potty train faster and assist in learning body queues and sensations whenever the child soils themselves.
  • Cloth diapers cause fewer breakouts and diaper rashes on your little one’s bottom since they do not contain chemicals. We manufacture reusable cloth diapers in both stay-dry and natural fiber styles, which are soft on the skin. As a result, baby will rarely have irritation, chafing or rashes.

At Kanga Care, we design cloth diapers with your baby, your family, and the environment in mind. Our cloth diapers have patented technology to bring out the best features of cloth diapering. In addition, our diapers are colorful and have recent fashionable prints. Contact us to purchase cloth diapers today and join thousands of parents who have embarked on the reusable cloth diapers journey.