Options for Training Pants

The process of getting your child from diapers to training pants can be an incredibly difficult one for both parents and children. Kanga Care is here, then, to help you find better ways to get your son or daughter potty trained, while at the same time letting you save some money.

The trick lies both in making sure that the child is comfortable, but also in being ready to accept that they’re going to make mistakes. With a cloth diaper and reusable filler pads, a mistake is literally a single washing machine cycle’s time to remove and start over.

Cloth Diapers and Training Pants

The process starts from the moment that you bring your child home. With Kanga Care’s brand of training pants, called Rumparooz, you can start with a diaper that your child will grow up in and be comfortable with for their entire time before potty training. Since you can always shift how full you would like the inner liner to be, you will be in complete control of how your child progresses as they age. Moreover, since your child will already be comfortable with their Rumparooz, there will be one less stress on them during an already stressful time.

How Can Rumparooz Save You Money?

Simply put, by being able to wash and rewash your child’s soakers and inner liners, you will be saving countless money that you would normally have to spend on disposable diapers and training pants. It is truly as simple as running the sanitation cycle on your washer to have brand new diapers. Moreover, since you’ll not be throwing them out over and over, you will also be having a positive effect on the environment.

There are some additional reasons to consider using Rumparooz – you want your baby to look cute. After all, whose doesn’t? Most parents spend hundreds of dollars on making their kids look amazing, from tiny outfits to photo shoots. Instead of going to all that extra expense, you could easily just use Kanga Care and benefit from both a great-looking cloth diaper as well as saving money!

Why Delay Any More?

Kanga Care even makes it easy to order by providing a clear and simple website that shows you both how our cloth diapers are better than any others, and lets you pick from our wide selection of styles, colors, and patterns. In less time than it would take to get into the car and go to a store to buy disposables, you could have your child's very own set of training pants on their way!