Fraud Blocker Clue 1: Kanga Care Discovery

Clue 1: Kanga Care Discovery

Today begins a week full of discovery

Everyone meet Princess Destiny! She will be your guide this week while we try to figure out what the Kanga Care Royal family needs help with! So far Admiral Charlie has come back with this map he made as he has been in search for...well that'll just have to wait until tomorrow! In the Sherbert areas he saw some suspicious behavior. We know the Peacock areas may have to go road tripping, but he knows that with your help all will be discovered! Yep, you read that right, we have been traveling ALL OVER! From what we can decode, the biggest pot of "gold" is in COLORADO, right under our noses here at Kanga Care! It is highly recommended to work together to brainstorm on the Kanga Care - Rumparooz Chat Page, the joker might be dropping clues in the discussion as more info comes from the Admiral!
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kanga care discovery map

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