Fraud Blocker Details: Kanga Care Discovery

Details: Kanga Care Discovery

Event: Saturday, June 25

Princess Destiny has gathered all the final details for Saturday's Dragon Egg Discovery! Begins: Saturday, June 25th at 10 AM PT, 11 AM MST, 12 PM CT, 1 PM EST

Location of Dragon Eggs:

Mesa, AZ • Santa Cruz, CA • Santa Clarita, CA • Palm Harbor, FL • Mt. Prospect, IL • South Paris, ME • Cambridge, MA Minneapolis, MN • Kansas City, MO • Salem, OR • College Station, TX • York Town, Virginia • Toronto, Canada • Calgary, Alberta • Vancouver, British Columbia • Montreal, Quebec • Edmonton, Alberta

kanga care discovery map brands

Found and Cracked Eggs:

  1. Once the egg is found from the clue given in location and the egg is cracked open.
  2. Please contact take a picture with Dragon Egg and post to Facebook or Instagram using # and tagging Kanga Care. This is essential to claiming your prize along with emailing
  3. PRIZE?! Yes not only will their be clues to the new print or product but you will received a complete bundle from two options! More about prize on Saturday after guesses have been made!
  4. Join the Kanga Care - Rumparooz Chat Page to gather all clue's from the egg to make guesses from the content in the Dragon's Egg and the previous week's clues posted on the Kanga Care Blog.

kanga care discovery map brands

Golden Egg (Colorado Surprise):

Located in colorful Colorado! What is the golden egg? Well, it is full of your favorite brands! Yep, we are Colorado proud this Adventure! The one who finds the golden egg in CO, wins gifts from: Birds & Bees Teas, Wean Green, Neat Cheeks, Lillebaby, Ju-Ju-Be, Bebe au Lait, and ezpz!


Good thing Princess Destiny has been guiding you all week because you definitely will need her help now! Sure, when you read travelers you thought you had to go to your neighboring state? Nope! Did you notice site was grammatically incorrect in Clue 2? That is because you are traveling our site! Click here to begin (Link goes live on Saturday at 9 AM MST)
  1. Begins: 9 am MST. Visit and click on the discovery slider on the home page.
  2. Read instructions on how to play and rules
  3. You will know you have completed the adventure through the site by clicking a link that takes you to a form that MUST be 100% completed to have the opportunity to be a Traveling winner!


CO CLUE: I am with a very special person, the creator of the the best cloth diapers ever made! We are all GOLDEN! I'm rocking out at a park that has famous concerts! You can find us at the famous trading post!! Mesa, Arizona • Gene Autry Park I am laying low out in a place named for the famous singing cowboy. You will find me next to court “1” in a game that starts Love-Love. Mount Prospect, Illinois • ? I am just outside an award winning ice cream shop, the building is very old, one of the oldest in town. I am waiting for a movie to start under the stars or maybe for a concert in the park! Minneapolis, Minnesota • Hennepin Bluff Park I am hanging out on an old historic train bridge made of stone! It is named after a religious father and starts on the north side of the Mississippi river! Come find me around the band shelter in the stone arch bridge! Fargo, North Dakota • Lindenwood Park I am hanging out where all the kids play at a park named after a tree that grows in this park! It is a HUGE park, I heard someone say it was the largest 'multi-use' park in the area. The softball field is near by. Cambridge, Massachusetts • Harvard Yard I am hiding at the bottom of a big pole! I can see it is #28! And there is a flag with a famous elephant at the top of it! This elephant will be here this summer near a famous yard that is a shade of crimson! Santa Cruz , California • Grant Street Park I am in a place with balls that are around my size! They are all so brightly colored! The 'ball court' is in a park named for the US 18th president. I saw a basketball court and doggy park here too! York Town, Virginia • Copley Park I am on the edge, hurry! Look for me at an intersection. I can see the street signs, one says albacore and the other dolphin. Palm Harbor, Florida • Wall Springs Park I am on a wooden bench, you will spot me when you walk past heading to the observation tower! You will spot me as you walk towards the observation tower ...and a great barrier-free playground. College Station, Texas • ? I am in safe keeping with a warm welcome at the door, where you can find people dunking their aggie rings and T-fries. I can spot people playing bones! There is a pool table and rattlesnake too! Kansas City, Missouri • ? Ask the one who welcomes! I am in a restaurant, down by the plaza . It smells so good in here. When you get here maybe you should take a rest and have a slice of cheesecake. Santa Clarita, California • ? I am hanging out with a bear! He isn't moving, so I think he is safe. He is made of Bronze I think, I came here to do some shopping! Salem, Oregon • Riverfront Park You can find me with the fit and function ninja, hanging out at the park that runs along the Willamette River, the carousel is nearby! We will be hanging out near a statue of the 3rd planet from the sun! South Paris, Maine • ? I am hanging out at the bottom of a big tower! It seems to be all that is left from what it used to be, Paris Manufacturing Co. Toronto, Ontario • ? I feel very patriotic where I am lying right now. I am in a famous garden in the largest public park! You can see where I am from satellite images! The maple leaf jewel of the park! Calgary, Alberta • ? I am with FIVE famous people! I feel like a celebrity here! I think this place was built for the winter Olympic games almost 30 years ago! Vancouver, British Columbia • ? I am with a bunch of kids! Well, I can see them playing! I rolled along a sea wall on my way here! I heard someone say it used to be a garbage dump and log sort a LONG time ago! There are a lot of dogs playing here and people at the beach! Maybe after you find me we can head over to the Royal Shopping Center! Montreal, Quebec • ? I am hanging out with one of Montreal's oldest public monuments! It was built during the first half of the 19th Century. This spot is named for a famous explorer who claimed Canada for France. Edmonton, Alberta • ? I am in nature! I am among the trees at a place named for a famous British Prime Minister. There are people wandering around the area and having lunch! I heard someone say that festivals and events for families are sometimes here too!

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