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Diaper Pail: Store Cloth Diapers Between Washes

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Is A Diaper Pail The Best Storage Solution For Cloth Diapers Between Washes?

More parents these days are switching to reusable diapers, which is great news for the environment. Since these progressive and ecomindful parents aren’t filling up our landfills with disposables (that take more than 500 years to decompose), the question is, where do you store your soiled cloth diapers in between washes? It is actually a silly question, because just like disposables, cloth diapers go into a diaper pail as well… the only difference is a cloth diaper pail gets emptied into the wash, while the opposite gets emptied into the trash. However, unlike disposables, there are some alternative storage options as well.

The Solution For Storing Soiled Cloth Diapers

Obviously, as a cloth diapering family, you aren’t going to be throwing away soiled cloth diapers after each diaper change, so you are going to need to have a place to store them until wash day. It also wouldn’t be practical (or eco-friendly) to pop them in the wash individually each time you do a diaper change. That means you need to find somewhere to put soiled diapers that is hygienic and safe. You need to find a place where young children and pets won’t get hold of them, and the odor won’t become overwhelming. A diaper pail ticks off all these boxes.

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What Is A Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a pail where you can keep wet and soiled diapers in between washes. Similar to a regular garbage pail, it has a lid and is spacious enough to hold several diapers at one time.

What Makes A Good Diaper Pail?

A good diaper pail should have the following features:

  • Good odor containment
  • Easy hands-free or single-hand operation
  • Easy to change the liner
  • A good capacity
  • A secure lid
  • Affordability
  • Longevity

The Three Main Methods Of Cloth Diaper Storage

There are three main ways to store your baby’s used cloth diapers.

  1. Dry pail storage
  2. A pail liner without a pail
  3. A wet bag

Dry Pail Storage Method

The dry pail storage method involves putting the used diapers into a reusable waterproof bag without pre-soaking them for the wash first. This bag lines the lidded diaper pail, and stops liquid and solids from the diapers from getting onto the pail itself.

Some top tips for using the dry pail storage method:

  • Remove any solids before putting the diapers into the bag.
  • Use a pail with a secure lid.
  • Get two pail liners. One can go into the wash along with the diapers, and the other one can re-line the pail straight away.
  • Don’t use woven fabrics like cotton to line the diaper pail. They retain smells and absorb moisture.

How Do I Use A Pail Liner Without A Pail?

The second option above is very similar to the dry pail method. The only difference is that you don’t have the diaper pail itself. You can use a pail liner for storing wet and dirty diapers on its own without needing a pail. Bear in mind, though, that you may experience more odor issues unless you can fasten the bag securely. You’ll also have to find a safe and secure location to store the bag. That’s especially true if you have curious small children who may wish to go exploring. Nobody wants to find their toddler going through their pail liner!

Lily Wet Bag

What Is A Wet Bag?

Wet bags are an alternative to pail liners. They do have one difference, though – they have a zipper closure instead of a drawstring. That helps to keep the odors contained more effectively. A wet bag has a strap that allows you to hang it from a door or peg. You can, therefore, keep it away from young adventurers who are curious to know what’s inside the bag!

Tips For Eliminating Diaper Pail Odors

If you use a diaper pail, you’re probably already aware that it will attract some odors. That’s understandable – after all, you’re storing used diapers in there! That doesn’t mean the smell has to be unbearable, though. Here are a few top tips to help eliminate those unwanted odors:
  • Wash the used diapers every couple of days, so odors don’t have time to build up.
  • Disinfect the diaper pail after every use.
  • Use a deodorizer to ward off strong smells.
  • Rinse the inserts or diapers before storing them to get rid of odors.

There is an alternative, though. Kanga Care’s pail liners are the ideal solution. As they are seam sealed, they allow no unwanted odors to come through. Even better, you can also put them straight into your washing machine along with the soiled diapers. As you’re lining your diaper pail, you won’t need to disinfect it or use deodorizers. That means you can cut back on costs, and that’s certainly good news. After all, everyone knows having a baby can get pretty expensive! Kanga Care’s pail liners are a quick, convenient solution – perfect for busy parents who want to save time and effort!

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