Fraud Blocker How did Kanga Care Partner with Jake’s Diapers?

How did Kanga Care Partner with Jake’s Diapers?

Kanga Care partners with Jake's Diapers and ships to Wisconsin!

Jake's Diapers, a non-profit beginning in 2013, has been determined to provide "cloth diapers to babies, children and adults in extreme poverty whose caregivers have to choose between food & diapers. Since beginning in April of 2013, Jake’s Diapers has been blessed to impact the lives of over 7,000 babies in 20 countries, including here in the US. One of our biggest projects to date is working in Puerto Rico, helping as many babies as we can with access to cloth diapers. All babies deserve to be clean, dry, and healthy. Jake’s Diapers accepts donations of new & used cloth diapers and matches them up with babies in need. We feel so blessed to be called to this journey to help those in need, as a way of showing God’s love." - Jake's Diapers.

Kanga Care worked with Jake’s Diapers to put together a collection of Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diapers, Rumparooz Covers, Kanga Care Pail Liners, and Kanga Care Wet Bags that will go to multiple different places to help those in need. Below you can see 6 total pallets equalling 5,041 pounds worth of goodies! All these wonderful products started in our warehouse in Golden, Colorado and have traveled up through the midwest to the find a temporary home in Wisconsin in the garage of Stephanie’s home. Yup, we sent them to her garage, one dedicated woman!


Now that all these diapers have arrived at Jake’s Diapers, then what? The organization recruits members from local churches as well as other volunteers to assemble “kits” that will be dropped to the various areas Jake’s Diapers supports. Each kit is put together in a Kanga Care Wet Bag or Pail Liner, then stuffed with Rumparooz covers, Rumparooz pocket diapers, prefolds or flats. Jake’s Diapers also has the job of training the families in need on how to use the diapers, care for the diapers, and wash them based on the area they are going to.

To learn more about this process and to help/donate click here.

We will update you from time to time with additional pictures and posts showing the journey these diapers will make to the families in need! Here are some additional places you can watch the work of Jake’s Diapers and Kanga Care products:

Click here to learn more!

UPDATE February 5th:

We spy tokiSpace, tokiCorno and tokiBambinoOne Size Covers! On their way out the door to Puerto Rico.

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