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How Do You Store Your Dirty Cloth Diapers?

Put yourself in the moment; you’re at the changing table with your baby and you are changing your first cloth diaper (a Rump•a•rooz® of course) when you realize that the Genie that once magically made the disposable diapers disappear will no longer work for storing your dirty cloth diapers.

We all know by now that Mr. Genie doesn’t actually work any magic and those disposable diapers end up buried in a landfill and left to pollute our precious planet. But what do you do with your Rump•a•rooz® after you’ve removed them from your baby? Mr. Genie certainly won’t work for this.

Coming in a few short weeks Kanga Care has the perfect answer to your storage dilemma – the new Kanga Care Wet Bags and Pail Liners – available in all of the fabulous Rump•a•rooz® solid colors and prints to match your favorite cloth diaper.

Wet Bags – A wet bag is a water-proof bag with a zipper that will keep your dirty diapers safe and keep the smell sealed inside. You can store the wet bag in your nursery, bathroom, or take it with you on trips. It comes complete with a door knob friendly hanger that allows the wet bag to become part of your room décor. The wet bag holds about 15 cloth diapers and inserts.

Pail Liners – A pail liner is made of the same water-proof material as the wet bags but is made to fit inside of a diaper pail (or kitchen type trash can) and have a drawstring closure. You can place a pail and liner next to a changing table, in a closet, or in your laundry area. The pail liner would be a great accessory for traveling or if you have to do laundry at a laundry mat. Size: 26" tall, 16: diameter, 54" around

What makes Kanga Care wet bags and pail liners different from other brands?
  • New barrier seam sealing technology that physically seals the seam away from moisture without using any glue or ironing.
  • Wet bags come with color matching zippers and snaps (lifetime warranty).
  • Wet bags and liners are both made with environmentally safe TPU just like the Rump•a•rooz® cloth diapers. TPU will biodegrade when composted and will break down in 4.5-5 years.
  • They match your favorite Rump•a•rooz® solid color and prints.
Other ways you can use your Kanga Care wet bags and pail liners include storing mama (or family) cloth in bathrooms, storing dirty kitchen rags, storing other dirty clothes, storing wet swimwear and towels from the beach or pool, and storing wet gloves and hats from a day in the snow. How else do you use your wet bags?

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