Fraud Blocker Kanga Care Cares: Part 1 of 5 Kanga Care History

Kanga Care Cares: Part 1 of 5 Kanga Care History

Now that the US Patent Office has officially recognized our internal double gussets, we wanted to celebrate with you all! We asked some of our favorite bloggers to help us tell our story in five parts. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of Kanga Care's story! Together, we've prevented millions of disposable diapers from clogging up landfills for the next dozen generations, saved families significant money and kept thousands of babies comfy and cute in Kanga Care cloth diapers!

Kanga Care History

From: Amanda of

Soon after the birth of their second child, Julie and her husband Chad were faced with the challenges of caring for an infant with highly sensitive skin. Disposable diapers contain a number of toxins and were simply out of the question. Cloth was the answer - but they didn't love the options that were available to them in 2006. Nothing quite fit their little girl just right, and we all know how messy a diaper that doesn't fit properly can be! Julie put her years of sewing experience to work and developed the first Rumparooz. Inspired by an idea that hatched in the middle of the night, the addition of double gussets was one of the first things that truly set Rumparooz apart from others. This now patented feature is a first line of defense against leaks and even the most massive explosions.

As word spread about this new cloth diaper design, Julie began to get interest from other parents and soon began taking orders. A business was born and stores caught on too! Rumparooz are now one of the top cloth diaper brands and the product line has grown to include Lil' Joeys newborn AIOs, the 6r soaker, diaper covers, the redesigned RaR G2 and more!

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