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Kanga Care Signs Happy BeeHinds as Official Licensee of Patented Double Gusset Technology

Kanga Care and Happy BeeHinds Double Gussets FeatureFrom stay at home mom to global business, Kanga Care achieves milestone granting license to second partner less than a year after unveiling Double Gusset Patent licensing program.

We're thrilled to share the announcement that marks a new chapter in cloth diapering innovation. Our CEO, Julie Ekstrom, known for her visionary approach to cloth diaper design, has officially licensed the patented double gussets technology to Happy BeeHinds for their Elite pocket diaper.

Over a Decade of Excellence

In 2006, Julie first conceived the inner gusset idea while sewing diapers, driven by the challenges she encountered when dealing with rashes and leaky cloth diapers for her newborn daughter. Faced with the sensitivity of her baby's skin, she couldn't resort to disposable diapers, prompting her innovative spirit to take charge. The United States Patent and Trademark Office acknowledged Julie's ingenuity in 2013 by granting Kanga Care the first of four patents for the double gusset in cloth diapers. This groundbreaking feature not only set new standards for excellence in the cloth diapering industry but specifically addressed the issue of waste containment.

Julie's original invention has been seamlessly integrated into various Kanga Care cloth diaper lines, including the Rumparooz One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, Rumparooz OBV One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, Ecoposh One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper, and the Lil Joey Newborn & Preemie Cloth Diaper.

Kanga Care Rumparooz Featuring Patented Double Gussets

Since its inception in 2006, this technology has earned widespread recognition as a game-changer in cloth diaper design. What began as a solution born out of parental frustration transformed Kanga Care from a 'kitchen table' company into a global brand, now standing as one of the leading competitors in the cloth diaper and accessories market.

Happy BeeHinds initially entered the cloth diaper industry as a retail store, offering Julie's original invention, the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, alongside other Kanga Care products and various cloth diaper brands. Recently, Happy BeeHinds expanded its horizons by introducing its own brand of cloth diapers, eagerly incorporating Julie's innovative technology into its diaper line. This move aims to elevate the quality and performance of Happy BeeHinds' offerings.

For over a decade, parents worldwide have placed their trust in the leak protection provided by this patented technology. Now, there's excitement in extending this legacy to Happy BeeHinds, enhancing their Elite pocket diaper with the same trusted leak protection.

Pioneered by Kanga Care

The Double Inner Gusset Technology, pioneered by Kanga Care, has set new standards for excellence in the cloth diapering industry. Its innovative design provides an additional layer of superior protection and containment against leaks, addressing the needs of modern parents who seek top-tier performance in their diapering choices with the added confidence of a mess-free diaper solution. This unique feature has become a must-have amongst customers when researching products for their children and voting with their dollar.

Key Benefits of the Double Inner Gusset Technology include:

  • Enhanced Leak Protection: The dual gussets provide an additional barrier against leaks, ensuring a drier and more comfortable experience for babies.
  • Optimized Containment: The innovative design offers superior containment, reducing the likelihood of messes and blowouts, reducing outfit and bedding changes, and providing peace of mind to parents.
  • Comfort and Flexibility: The technology seamlessly enhances the cloth diaper performance and reduces gaps, which cause poor fit and leaking, maintaining comfortable fit for babies while accommodating their active movements.

Kanga Care Double Gusset Feature

The Happy Behinds Collaboration

By licensing our patented double gussets to Happy BeeHinds, we aim to offer parents even more choices when it comes to superior cloth diapering solutions.

“Happy BeeHinds originated from a desire to provide diapers for my grandchildren. We pour that same dedication into providing diapering solutions for all families now. Happy BeeHinds strives to provide diapering solutions for every cloth diapering family in need. The Kanga Care double inner gusset is the ultimate leak-protection feature that upgrades the cloth diapering experience!”

Jalayna, Happy BeeHinds Owner

The Elite pocket diaper from Happy Behinds will now feature the same leak protection technology that has made Kanga Care a trusted name among parents worldwide.

Happy BeeHinds Elite Cloth Diaper with Patented Kanga Care Double Gussets

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