Fraud Blocker Kanga Care's Eco-friendly Products

Kanga Care's Eco-friendly Products

In honor of earth day we wanted to help explain our eco-friendly materials used in our products. earth week birth week surprise birthday


Almost ALL of Kanga Care's products include TPU which stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, besides Ecoposh OBV. TPU is the waterproof material lining your little ones diaper, making the outer shells waterproof. TPU requires a heat bond (instead of a chemical bond like PUL, used in other cloth diapers) and is is biodegradable under the terms.... The products made from TPU are softer and less plasticky to the touch compared to PUL. Caution should be used when washing TPU......... You may ask why Kanga Care has chose this option over the other common option of PUL that other cloth diapering companies use. The answer, TPU is biodegradable, softer and more flexible to fit your little one's bum! AND it is better for the environment. In the process of bonding PUL there is a chemical release by the chemicals being bonded to there fabric. Where TPU is a heat bond with ground water safe glue creating no chemical release.

PET Fabric:

The Ecoposh OBV line is not only made out of Organic Bamboo Velour, but has the bonus eco-friendly factor of featuring recycled water bottles! Curious how this is possible?! The graphic below is the simple demonstration of how water bottles have turned into your little one's cloth diaper! PET fabric water bottles recycled kanga care ecoposh OBV

Bamboo and Hemp Inserts:

Bamboo: Hemp: Both are highly

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