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Periscope: Natural Parenting Loop Giveaway!

Do you have no idea what Periscope is and how it works? It is very simple! First, check out "What is Periscope?"


aW8Yg-WzG07UcEmMp2kgx-fNPngS0OUIug1VZBLHulE Great! Now you are ready! This is how the Loop Giveaway is going to work:
  1. Take a moment to prepare by following each of the giveaway sponsors on Periscope. Here are their handles:
    • @SprayPal
    • @Rumparooz
    • @PinkLemonadeSue
    • @BalmBaby
    • @SuperUndiesCo
    • @SmartBottomsInc
    • @EcoNuts
    • @BecoBaby
    • @LalabyeBabyCD
  2. At 7pm (sharp!) EST, tune into the @SprayPal live broadcast and meet Jennifer! She will brief viewers on all the details.
  3. Between when Jennifer says "go" and 7:10 (yes, 10 minutes), visit each sponsors live broadcast!
  4. Each sponsor will have a question they are holding up somewhere on camera. Using the comments feature, answer the sponsors question - this is how you will earn entries!
  5. SHOW SOME LOVE! By tapping the screen you can show your love for this sponsor and you will see the hearts start to fly! What color are your hearts? Stick around for a moment to enjoy what the sponsors are chatting about (or go back to your favorites when you are done answering questions from all the sponsors) but be sure to get to every sponsors broadcast by 7:10! (Sponsor broadcasts will all end at 7:10 as well.)
  6. At 7:10 head back to the @SprayPal broadcast as Jennifer will start announcing winners shortly. 1 winner will be chosen at random from each sponsor broadcast. Over $400 prizes in total!
We are excited about this new social platform! We can't wait to interact with you on a whole new level! <3 Periscope_loop_giveaway

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