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Primed for the Big Summer Sale

Are you shopping the Amazon Prime Day sale this year?

shopsmall for cloth diapers

Shopping Small Matters

With great deals on large ticket items, and free shipping, it’s hard to resist shopping with the digital retail giant. If you’re actively looking for the best deals on premium cloth diapers, look no further than Kanga Care! Especially on Prime Day as we’re offering special deals available only on

You may be well aware that Amazon has dramatically changed the retail space, both online and in store. As a smart shopper you have a nearly endless selection to sift through. With retailers like Amazon, you can sort through digital aisles where countless products scroll on your screen as you move through to the next pages. Hopefully this research informs you of the varying qualities, styles, and costs of the products you’re browsing. Then you can figure out if shopping on Amazon is the cheapest option. Being thrifty with all the tools available can save you lots of money in this economy, especially when shopping outside brick and mortar stores.

What Does Shopping Prime Actually Do?

While shopping you will admittedly find most of the best deals on Amazon, as many companies are focusing their retail strategies toward that digital retail space. This doesn’t necessarily mean the sales through Amazon are ‘good’ for your preferred retailers, or the cheapest option in the long run. The free shipping offered through the Prime membership comes directly out of the cost of the item, increasing costs to businesses participating in the Amazon marketplace. This is just another fee on top of the fee-per-transaction required for doing business as a seller on Amazon. Some retailers will hide these fees in the cost of the item, inflating the price on Amazon specifically while maintaining lower prices on their website or in stores -- and as the Prime Membership becomes more popular this practice will inevitably become more prevalent in order to maintain revenue. If you are consciously choosing a company based on practices, beliefs, and morals; choosing to support a local or small business; looking for a more sustainable way to support the hardworking community creating the quality products you cherish then shopping on Amazon, especially as a Prime Member, is not the way to go.

Shop Kanga Care on Prime Day!

For Prime Day, you never know, KangaCare may be doing something special for our shoppers as well ::Hint Hint -- Wink Wink::.

If you're only shopping on Amazon, you may miss out on better deals found only on our website! And when you shop directly with us you’re helping support a family whose focus is on the health and wellness of our clients, as well as our business. After all, we want to be around to support your family as it grows! Let’s work together and support the long term growth of local, small, independent businesses and the communities from which they’re born. By shopping small on Prime Day you are directly supporting our family.


You are the air we breathe and the blood that pumps through the Kanga Care veins. Without you, your loyalty, your passion, your excitement, and your #teamnag we would not be where we are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, and all of us here at Kanga Care.

Kanga Care's CEO - Julie

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