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#RealHalloweenBabies Giveaway Winner

Real Halloween Babies 2015 WinnerEach year we have our annual #RealHalloweenBabies Giveaway to feature your little ones, whether they be over joyed to be in their Halloween costume or not. Most of the time NOT. :) We all know how it is to spend hours picking out that perfect costume and then the time comes to wear it and well.... it doesn't go quite how we pictured it. This year's winner is Brayden Spear!! Brayden will be receiving 2 Rumparooz One Size Diapers!! Congrats! Have a look at some of the adorable entries from this year's REAL Halloween Babies contest... [gallery link="none" columns="2" ids="1160,1161,1162,1163,1164,1165,1166,1167,1168,1169,1170,1171,1172,1173,1174,1175,1176,1177,1178,1179,1180,1181,1182,1183,1184,1185,1186,1187,1188,1189,1190,1191,1192,1193,1194,1195,1196,1197,1198,1199,1200,1201,1202,1203,1204,1205,1206,1207,1208,1209,1210,1211" orderby="rand"]

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