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Rumparooz Wins #1 Best Cloth Diaper 10 Years In A Row!

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Why Rumparooz Are the Best Cloth Diapers

For the 10th year in a row the Rumaprooz One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper has won one of the most highly regarded and thoroughly tested awards. The Rumaprooz was, once again, rated the #1 Best Cloth Diaper and Editors Pick by BabyGearLab.

“After our year long testing period, the was no cloth system we preferred more than Rumparooz G2 -- it was simply our favorite,” said BabyGearLab founder, Dr. Juliet Spurrier. “The Rumparooz impressed us in both day-to-day ease of use and in technical tests such as absorbency where it scored near the top. We loved how soft the diaper is, and the patented double-gusset system earned our highest score in fit and leakage prevention.”

From BabyGearLab: "Kanga Care's Rumparooz G2 won our Editors' Choice award and was the highest scoring diaper in our detailed BabyGearLab review. We put 15 of the top-rated and most highly regarded cloth diaper systems through an extensive year-long test, rotating between competing products in day-to-day, hands-on use. In addition, we performed lab analysis to take a closer look absorbency and leakage as well as considered the eco-health attributes of each. Rumparooz G2 was a personal favorite of our testers and outscored all of its competing products in our review. Its patented double-gusset design earned our highest score in fit and leakage prevention. Easy to use with luxuriously soft, comfortable, and absorbent fabrics, it is a definite stand out." Review by: Juliet Spurrier, MD, and Alison Buck

The Rumparooz One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper is a multi award-winning diaper primarily due to its innovative design, functionality, and environmental benefits. Here are the key features that have contributed to its many recognitions and accolades over the years:

  1. One Size Design: The Rumparooz cloth diaper is designed to fit babies from birth to potty training, which truly covers a weight range of 6 to 40+ pounds. This is achieved through a series of adjustable snaps that allow the diaper to grow with the child, eliminating the need to buy multiple sizes.

  2. Dual Inner Gussets: One of the standout features of the Rumparooz is its patented dual inner gussets. These gussets provide an extra barrier against leaks, ensuring that messes are contained within the diaper. This feature is particularly appreciated by parents and caregivers for its reliability in preventing leaks. 

  3. Highly Absorbent Inserts: The diaper includes two microfiber inserts that can be adjusted to provide six different absorbency settings. This customization allows parents to tailor the diaper to their baby's needs, whether for daytime use or overnight protection.

  4. Eco-Friendly Materials: Rumparooz cloth diapers are made from high-quality, durable materials that are free from harmful chemicals. The outer shell is waterproof, while the inner lining is made from a soft microchamois fabric that is gentle on the baby’s skin. The use of reusable cloth materials makes this diaper an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

  5. Ease of Use and Maintenance: The diaper is designed for easy use, with a simple snap system for adjustments. It is also machine washable, which makes maintenance convenient for busy parents.

  6. Award Recognition: Rumparooz has received multiple awards for its design and functionality, reflecting positive reviews from both parents and industry experts. Awards and recognitions often highlight the diaper's innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability.

These features collectively make the Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Diaper a popular choice among parents who are looking for a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective diapering solution.

Rumparooz Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper Diagram

How Does BabyGearLabs Test Cloth Diapers?

BabyGearLab uses a one year long comprehensive and systematic approach to testing cloth diapers to provide parents with reliable and detailed information. Here’s an outline of their testing methodology:

  1. Selection of Products: BabyGearLab begins by selecting a diverse range of cloth diapers to ensure a broad comparison. This includes reputable brands, bargain brands, various styles (such as all-in-one, pocket, prefold, etc.), and different price points.

  2. Hands-On Testing: Each diaper undergoes extensive hands-on testing by a team of reviewers, which often includes parents and caregivers who use the diapers in real-life scenarios for the period of 1 year. This helps in evaluating the practical performance of each product.

  3. Criteria for Evaluation:
    • Absorbency: Diapers are tested for their ability to absorb liquid and keep moisture away from the baby’s skin. This is typically measured by pouring a set amount of liquid into the diaper and observing how well it absorbs and contains the liquid. Then a moisture sensitive material, along with a weight, is placed on the diaper where the liquid was poured to test the amount of moisture still present on the surface area of the diaper which comes in contact with the baby's skin.
    • Leakage: The effectiveness of the diaper's leak protection is assessed through practical use and stress tests. Reviewers monitor for leaks during both daytime and overnight use.
    • Fit and Comfort: The fit is evaluated by checking how well the diaper conforms to babies of different sizes and shapes. Comfort is assessed by considering the materials used and how they feel to the touch and against the baby’s skin.
    • Ease of Use: The convenience of putting on and taking off the diaper is tested, along with how easy it is to adjust the fit. The complexity of the diaper’s closure system and the ease of changing are important factors.
    • Durability: The diapers are subjected to repeated washing and drying cycles to evaluate their longevity and how well they hold up over time. Durability also includes checking for wear and tear, such as fraying or loosening of elastics, stitching coming undone (diaper separation), and delamination.
    • Cleaning and Maintenance: The ease of cleaning the diaper is evaluated, including how well stains come out, how quickly the diaper dries, and any special care instructions that might be necessary.
    • Environmental Impact: The sustainability of the materials used and the overall environmental footprint of the diaper are considered, including the reusability factor (is the quality high enough to last through multiple kids) and the manufacturing processes involved.
  4. Side-by-Side Comparisons: Diapers compared directly with one another in side-by-side tests to highlight differences and similarities in performance, fit, and other criteria.

  5. User Feedback: In addition to hands-on testing, BabyGearLab incorporates feedback from a broader group of users. This helps to gather diverse opinions and experiences, ensuring the review covers a wide range of possible user scenarios.

  6. Scoring and Ranking: Each diaper is scored based on the evaluation criteria, and these scores are used to rank the diapers. The results are presented in a detailed review, often including pros and cons for each diaper, to help parents make informed decisions.

Through this year long thorough and detailed testing process, BabyGearLab aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of cloth diapers, helping parents choose the best products for their needs.

The Ultimate One Size Cloth Diaper: Essential Features for Modern Families

Kanga Care's cloth diapers are designed with modern families in mind, seamlessly combining essential features with style and functionality. Our diapers come in an array of patterns and colors to match every personality, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone. Say goodbye to blowouts with our patented double gussets and experience the ease of diaper changes with our modern snap closures. All while enjoying the convenience of customizable absorbency to meet your baby's unique needs. Watch as Rumparooz grow with your little one, from birth to potty training, with four adjustable sizes in one diaper. With Kanga Care, you get the best of both worlds: functionality and fashion, all in one eco-friendly cloth diaper.

Our top-of-the-line customer care team is always ready to assist with any questions you may have. Reach out to us at, or add these #1 cloth diapers to your stash by shopping here.

Rumparooz cloth diaper size settings and absorbency diagram

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