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Tackling Nighttime Accidents - Almost There!

Little boy wearing Dragons Fly Lil Learnerz

Embarking on the potty training journey.

Whether it's your first child or not, can be quite a challenge. But no need to worry, because we're here to support you and your little one every step of the way. As you navigate through the potty training process, our Lil Learnerz and Ecoposh OBV Training Pants serve as fantastic options. Many parents and caregivers often wonder about nighttime usage. The answer, however, varies depending on your child's progress.

Lil Learnerz

Best suited for: Children showing interest in potty learning. Waterproof. Holds 1-2 accidents.

A potty training pant here to help your toddler navigate potty training with success! Designed to look like big kid underwear, but have the key features needed to aid independence and soak up accidents. Lil Learnerz are made with IMWET TECHNOLOGY! This feature lets your toddler feel wet when they have had an accident. This helps them learn more about their body and aids in the potty learning process. Against their skin is our soft hypoallergenic layer, not scratchy, toxin filled, and uncomfortable material found in disposable potty training pants.

A hidden middle layer made up of an absorbent, dual layer, microfiber core absorbs any accidents, making potty training while being out and about a breeze! Lil Learnerz are easy to pull up and down with the thick waist band for little hands.

Lil Learnerz feature an exterior water resistant polyester TPU which is a solvent-free polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process, not chemicals. Not only is this great for accidents but the prints and solid color options are adorable! You can find one for any toddler’s interest or personality! 

Available in five sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large - you can get the perfect fit no matter the size of your little learner. Note: TheExtra Small and Small sizes also feature side snapping release panels for easy-off in case of solid accidents with early learners.


  • X-Small 15-22 lbs.
  • Small 22-28 lbs.
  • Medium 35-60 lbs.
  • Large 50-70 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Hypoallergenic Interior
  • Hidden Absorbent Microfiber Core
  • Waterproof Exterior
  • 5 Sizes Available 
Lil Learnerz Sizing Chart

Lil Learnerz Feature Image

Ecoposh OBV Training Pants

Best suited for: Children needing light accident protection. Not fully waterproof. Fits similar to padded underwear.

The softest Training Pants ever = Ecoposh OBV! Together the perfect blend of organic cotton, bamboo velour (OBV) and a hidden waterproof layer to keep your child dry when accidents occur! OBV makes these training pants extra absorbent as the material itself has absorbent properties. The training pants have 2 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton fleece in the core. In the wet zone, there is a hidden panel of water resistant polyester TPU, allowing for accidents to be quickly soaked up. 

Not only are these trim fitting potty training pants available in 5 deeply saturated earth tone colors but the exterior material is a tee shirt like jersey material made from recycled water bottles. Between the OBV interior and environmentally cautious exterior they make up a plush blend for your potty learning child.

A must have for potty training pants is the ease for pulling up and pulling down for those eager and independent toddlers! Available in 3 sizes you can find what works best for your little one.


  • Small (1T/2T)
  • Medium (2T/3T)
  • Large (3T+)

Key Features:

  • Plush Organic Bamboo Velour Interior
  • Hidden TPU Waterproof Layer
  • Recycled Water Bottle Exterior
  • Trim Fitting under clothes
  • 3 Sizes Available

Ecoposh OBV Training Pants Sizing Chart

Ecoposh OBV Training Pants Features

Night Time Considerations

Is your little one day trained but ready to hit the big milestone of waking up dry after a full night’s rest? Our trainers are great at assisting your little one with their independence with small accidents. It's important to note that our trainers are primarily designed as an aid for potty training and do not offer the same level of absorbency as our cloth diapers. If your little one is still fully saturating a diaper at night, this is an indication they may not be ready for trainers overnight just yet. However, if your child is waking up mostly dry, then it's definitely worth giving our trainers a try! 

TIP!: A lot of children, just before becoming completely night trained, will stay dry all night and soak their diapers just before waking up. Try waking your child 20 minutes earlier than their usual wake time and heading straight to the potty. You may catch that first “waking pee” and find that they were dry all night. This would be a great time to start using Lil Learnerz at night. 

After your little one is waking up on their own, dry, this is a great time to switch to the Ecoposh Training Pants which are more like underwear but still have that absorbency boost and a hidden panel to aid in case of accident, but they are not fully waterproof.

Boosting Absorbency

To further enhance the absorbency of our potty training pants, we recommend using our Bamboo 6R Soaker Inserts. These inserts are specifically designed to provide an extra boost in absorbency. Made from high-quality bamboo fabric, these inserts offer excellent absorbent properties while remaining soft against your child's skin. Simply lay the Bamboo 6R Soaker in our training pants, and you'll instantly increase their capacity to handle an accident. With this added layer of absorbency, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is protected, even during nighttime potty training sessions.

Bamboo 6r Soaker

Addressing Leak Concerns

If you're still concerned about potential leaks, we've got you covered. Consider getting a matching absorbent Changing Pad, which provides an additional layer of protection with a middle layer of microfiber for added peace of mind. Lay the Changing Pad print/solid side down so the soft microchamois layer is against your little one. If an accident does occur the microfiber will absorb and help keep their bed dry!

Changing Pad features:

  • Top layer: 100% hypoallergenic microchamois
  • Middle layer: Hidden layer of absorbent microfiber
  • Bottom layer: Signature Kanga Care print or color waterproof TPU
  • 24 in x 15 in 

Potty training is a significant milestone, and our training pants options are here to assist you throughout this journey. Remember, every child progresses at their own pace, so be patient and trust the process. With our trainers and a little bit of time, your little one will soon conquer the world of potty training!

Toddler wearing Glacier Potty Training Pant

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