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Unscary Halloween for Toddlers!

Halloween - just 3 days away! We've rounded up our favorite foods and activities for you and your wee-pumpkin during the final count down! Check out all our favorite snacks, crafts and costumes on our Halloween for Toddlers Pinterest board!
Most families won't be handing their toddler a Snickers bar of a bag of Skittles. Try these favorites instead - YUM! Even we'd prefer these over chocolate any day. Well... uh, some days. Orange Jack-O'-Lantern Fruit Bowls
Looking for a slew of unscary Halloween costumes? This mom has NAILED IT! Gina, Willow's mom, has deemed October as official #DressUpWillow month!
Quick and easy Halloween crafts that are easy to execute with your busy toddler! Forget carving - PAINT!

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