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What is Periscope?

Are you on Periscope? We are! You can find us primarily on @rumparooz but also on @kangacare (because we have 2 Twitter accounts.) Since Periscope is tied to a Twitter account you can also find owners, Julie & Chad, at @julesekstrom and @daddyrooz! It's pretty exciting, I'm just gonna say that now. Enough about us. You know who we are, but WHO IS PERISCOPE? What is Periscope for? How does Periscope work? Do I really need a Periscope account? Well, the answer to the last questions is easy. No. You don't every really NEED anything on the social media landscape. However, if you chose to participate, you could engage in some pretty cool activity. Plus, like most our social platforms, we try to reward our fans for interacting with us :) What is Periscope? What Is Periscope About How do I use Periscope? Well... you can take 2 very distinct roles, or a marriage of both! From a spectator seat you can follow, comment, like, learn, experience and watch! From the broadcasting seat you can share, teach, explore and engage! What is Periscope 2 Whether you are viewing or sharing, the experience can be out of this world! Or at least - you're world! You truly will start to experience the world through someone else's eyes and their surroundings. What is Periscope 3 While watching, you can leave comments for the broadcaster. If you are broadcasting, take this time to interact with your spectators and answer questions or show them more of what they may be requesting to see! Spectators can tap on the screen to send hearts and show their enthusiasm towards their experience! What is Periscope 4 Download the Periscope app and sign in to begin watching all your favorites you follow on Twitter! Search for new experiences as well! If your notifications are on, you will know every time someone you follow goes "Live"! What is Periscope 5 Sign up now! Kanga Care is getting more familiar with Periscope every day! Tune in and catch some behind the screens looks at Kanga Care as well as participate in some Periscope exclusive promotions and giveaways! Periscope is available for FREE in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Periscope_kangacare_5

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