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Cute Cloth Diaper Prints

Baby in Lily Rumparooz

Cute Cloth Diaper Prints: Modern Parent Guide to Cloth Diaper Beauty

Cute cloth diaper prints are another reason to adopt a cloth diapering lifestyle. They are the cherry topping on a durable and eco-friendly money saver. Kanga Care's diapers come in a veritable and colorful display that will have other parents drooling over your diaper stash.

Our print catalog is vast, and we are constantly switching things up to keep up with the trend. So it is perfectly understandable if sometimes you are a bit fazed. Here is a guide to help you navigate our cute diaper prints and have your baby sport fashion-forward styles with the best of them.

It's More than just Frills with Kanga Care Cloth Diaper Prints

Our diaper prints will make your baby stand out, no doubt, but we put enormous effort into ensuring each design is a functional work of art.

Here are some of the elements we consider:

  • Originality

We design our prints to reflect how special your baby is. Besides the undeniable quality of our diapers, we want your child draped in unique and cute prints. What's more, behind each design is a story you and your baby will come to love.

Sometimes we have licensed collaborations with dedicated design companies. Even then, all we do is take advantage of their creative assets; otherwise, the designs are still by us.

  • Baby Friendliness

Studies have long established that even for a baby, various colors affect the mind differently. We use this science to create lovely prints that positively impact your baby's brain and help you bond better.

Most of our designs are in soft and fuzzy colors that have a calming effect on your baby's mind and give them a sense of security.

Some prints also help with your child's development. During potty training, you may notice your child is reluctant to soil an image of their favorite character, which makes your job a lot easier.

  • Hard Wearing

 We make our diapers from sturdy and hardwearing fabrics, and the cute prints on them must simply keep up. Our prints are designed to remain vibrant throughout the diaper's life and you can use them sometimes for more than one child.

  • Safe Colors

Our prints are in safe colors for your baby and the environment. There are guilty pleasures, but our cute prints are not them.

  • Resale Value

Good prints are great for the resale value of your cloth diapers. If it is one of our limited edition prints, its value as a collectible may be phenomenal. This could be something you consider when choosing your diaper prints.

Baby in Birthday Party Rumparooz with various Care BearsKanga Care Cloth Diaper Prints Collaboration Collection

Here are some of our beauties produced under licensed collaboration:

  • Care Bears

Care Bear prints are a limited edition of the classic Care Bear figures that are a real prize to get your hands on. We developed the prints with a license from the Care Bear franchise.

  • Tokidoki

Tokidoki means 'sometimes' in Japanese and is one of the most sought-after lifestyle brands developed by Simone Legno. It features a cast of cute characters – the Donutella family, who come from a planet where they use sugar as energy. One day they chance upon planet Earth and choose to stay for its sweets and treats.

  • Tetris

The Tetris prints are a collaboration between Kanga Care and Tetris, based on the addictive block game of the same name. We feature the prints on our cloth diapers, changing pads, and wet bags.

For its 35th birthday, Tetris invited Kanga Care to collaborate on a set of limited edition prints for Kanga Care's swaddles that'll make your baby stand out at a block party.

  • Ju-Ju-Be

Kanga Care makes its Ju-Ju-be prints in collaboration with Ju-Ju-be, which you can find on the Rumparooz, Lil Learnerz, wet bags, and changing pads. You can keep up with the latest Ju-Ju-be prints by being part of our communities on social media.

  • Tula

The Tula prints you find on our Lil Joeys, Rumparooz, Lil Learnerz, changing pads, and wet bags result from a collaboration between Kanga Care and Tula.

Kanga Care Collaborations, Mother holding baby in Admiral print, Baby in tokiJoy Rumparooz, Toddler in Tetris Rumparooz, Mom holding baby in Wander Tula carrier and Wander RumparoozCloth Diaper Art Prints for the Artsy Folk

Kanga Care's artsy prints range from fun and adventurous to inspiring Soar prints.

Here are some of our artsy prints:

Cloth Diaper Cover Prints

Kanga Care's diaper covers also come in a range of popular bold graphic styled prints; here are some of the popular ones:

Cloth Diaper Prints designed for Boys and Girls

In addition to prints, our cloth diapers come in a rainbow of colors from blues to pinks, and everything in between.

Here are some of our fan favorites:

Peacock Cover with Clover BlanketStay Fashionable with New Cute Cloth Diaper Prints

Kanga Care is constantly releasing new prints to celebrate special occasions. Most of these are limited editions. To be in the loop, be part of our community on Facebook or follow the reveals on YouTube.

How to Choose Your Prints

Your choice of prints depends mainly on your style, and we have enough options to meet any style. However, here are some other factors you may consider to make your diaper stash fresh and exciting.

  • Your baby's gender
  • The season – we have prints for various seasons and even to commemorate occasions.
  • What is on offer – we always have prints on offer, sometimes for charity fund drives.
  • Sometimes limited editions fetch a greater resale value.

Kanga Care's prints transform your cloth diapers from functionally drab to living pieces with a story to tell. Be part of that story today by purchasing our cloth diapers!

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