Fraud Blocker Kanga Care Cares BONUS: Part 6! Kanga Care Longevity

Kanga Care Cares BONUS: Part 6! Kanga Care Longevity

Now that the US Patent Office has officially recognized our internal double gussets, we wanted to celebrate with you all! We asked some of our favorite bloggers to help us tell our story in five parts. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of Kanga Care's story! Together, we've prevented millions of disposable diapers from clogging up landfills for the next dozen generations, saved families significant money and kept thousands of babies comfy and cute in Kanga Care cloth diapers!

Kanga Care Longevity

From: Sally of Exploits of a Military Mama

The cloth diaper market is ever-changing. When we began using cloth diapers over three years ago (what?!), there were a whole host of diaper companies in existence that have since fallen to the wayside or gone under. I've seen my fair share of mothers clamoring to get their money back from faulty products or diapers that fell apart only to be met with the news that the company they purchased from was no longer in business. We all know that the baby business is a fickle one and it's not always easy to survive. But when you find a company that is consistent, caring and dependable, it can make your cloth diapering experience enjoyable and easy.

Rumparooz has been our favorite brand since the very beginning of our cloth diapering journey. Sully began wearing them around four-months-old, and we brought Arlo home in a Lil Joey. Not only are they one of the original brands of modern cloth diapers (born in 2006), but they have grown stronger as a company every single year. They have amazing customer service and are the kind of company who becomes a friend rather than just a name behind a screen. They have created a line of reliable diapers with the patented and famous double-gusset system we have all grown to know and love. Rumparooz are the one brand of cloth diapers that I have recommended to anyone and everyone who will listen because of their amazing customer service and products.

As my eldest has graduated from diapers and my littlest is on the brink of potty-training, I find myself a bit nostalgic over those adorable cloth diaper booties and the gorgeous patterns offered by Rumparooz. But I feel certain that if my husband and I ever decide to dive into the world of three babies, Rumparooz will be our go-to brand several years from now. Until then, I just have to convince him that I need the Quinn and Dexter patterns to get us through the next few months!

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