Fraud Blocker Kanga Care Cares: Part 4 of 5 Kanga Care Customer Service

Kanga Care Cares: Part 4 of 5 Kanga Care Customer Service

Now that the US Patent Office has officially recognized our internal double gussets, we wanted to celebrate with you all! We asked some of our favorite bloggers to help us tell our story in five parts. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of Kanga Care's story! Together, we've prevented millions of disposable diapers from clogging up landfills for the next dozen generations, saved families significant money and kept thousands of babies comfy and cute in Kanga Care cloth diapers!

Kanga Care Customer Service

From: Maria of
Kanga Care (makers of Rumparooz cloth diapers) is dedicated to excellent customer service, both to their wholesale and retail customers. I have had the experience of dealing with Kanga Care's customer service to take advantage of their warranty and I was pleased with their streamlined process. In 2012, less than 1% of the products sold came back for warranty claims (3% is considered excellent), so you probably won't ever have to worry about submitting a warranty claim, but if you do, know that you're in excellent hands!

If you have an issue with your diapers, just use this link and they will gather general information to better assist you. Next, Kanga Care will ask for information specific to your claim (all the way down to prints, colors and closures). This process allows Kanga Care to track trends in warranty claims so that they can improve their products as needed. Perhaps more importantly, it allows them to see possible correlations between specific wash and care routines and potential outcomes. For example, they discovered that customers who laid their diapers flat to dry experienced fewer elastic issues than those who hung them. It also allows them to make objective detergent recommendations based on data instead of arbitrary rules or personal favorites. (I love that their #1 recommended detergent is the one I use: Tide!) After submitting your info, your diapers will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible so you don't have to live without your diaper for long!

From itty bitty Lil Joeys, to one-size diapers, covers, fitteds and and pail liners, shop Kanga Care and know you are receiving the highest quality products! Take care of your diapers and they will last you many years, but rest assured that if any issues arise, Rumparooz and their amazing team will take care of you!

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