All in One Cloth Diapers are the Answer to a Mother's Prayer

All in one cloth diapers are a wonderful concept in baby care. Up until 1948, when Johnson & Johnson introduced mass-marketed disposable diapers in the United States, diapers were cloths that you had to fold in different ways for boys and girls, and baby wipes were designated wash cloths or rags. From 1970 to 1991, disposable diapers went from 0.3% of municipal waste to 2.1% – which may not sound like much, until you realize that it will be 2500 before the early twenty-first century disposable diapers will finish biodegrading. When you consider this, as well as the fact that many infants have allergies to the chemicals in disposable diapers, a return to cloth diapers seems like a good idea, but NOT a return to all that folding! Fortunately, Kanga Care offers some wonderful options for today’s parents.

Save Time

All in one cloth diapers save time because they are ready to go right from the wash. Kanga Care has several options to choose from: the Rumparooz Pocket Diaper and the EcoPosh One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper are four diaper sizes in one diaper, and will fit most babies from birth through potty training. These complete diapers are available with a colorful variety of diaper covers, so you can enjoy the fun of dressing your baby in cute clothes. You will also save time by not having to make all those extra trips to grab another pack of disposables whenever you run out.

Save Money

You save money with these complete cloth diapers. Because Rumparooz and the EcoPosh One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper are designed to grow with your baby, using a clever system of snaps that adjust the size as baby grows, they can save your family around $300 over disposable diapers. Our washable liners help contain the mess and reduce the need for baby wipes. You know there are better things to spend your money on, and if you plan to have more children, Kanga Care cloth diapers should last through two babies.

Save the Environment With All in One Cloth Diapers

Just by using cloth diapers instead of disposables, your family can keep a lot of trash out of the landfills. If you are among the ever-increasing number of families who are devoted to preserving our world for our children, you really should consider Kanga Care’s line of Eco Posh diapers, which are made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton! Reusable cloth diaper covers reduce the need for plastic pants, which tend to encourage diaper rash. So do yourselves and the earth a favor: make one upfront investment on Kanga Care all in one cloth diapers. You will be glad you did!