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Cloth Diapers: Everything Old is New Again!

Cloth diapers are back, and Kanga Care is proud to offer the highest quality diapers on the market today.

Pre-Folded One Size Cloth Diapers

Diapers have been a necessity for infants since the 1400s. It is only since the 1960s that disposable diapers have been available, and we are already seeing the disadvantages in terms of rubbish disposal as well as allergic reactions. Suddenly, old-fashioned cloth diapers, the kind you have to fold, are back on the market; unfortunately, most families now have two jobs, and no one has time to fold diapers. Pre-folded diapers have suddenly become very popular, but the need to buy a whole new set of diapers every time the baby grows has made them expensive. On top of the new diapers, you need new diaper covers in every size until it is finally time for training pants. It's enough to make new parents begin to wonder if disposables aren’t cheaper after all. This is why Kanga Care got started. A mother who could not find the diaper she needed for her baby got out her sewing machine and got creative. What she came up with was a one size cloth pocket diaper called Rumparooz! Later, to address the issue of environmental degradation even better, Kanga Care came out with a second line of diapers: EcoPosh.

The Wonder of Rumparooz

Rumparooz by Kanga Care are one size cloth diapers made to adjust to any size infant from seven to 35 pounds. The ingenious system of snaps allows the diaper to be adjusted in both the waist and the rise to keep diapers snug, but not tight. Rumparooz also have a pocket which allows for the insertion of the signature 6r soaker. The soakers are adjustable, too; both the single soaker and the double soaker adjust for the size and gender of the baby, so you always get the diaper that is exactly right for your baby’s needs.

Environmentally Conscious EcoPosh Cloth Diapers

We also make a line of diapers with the environment in mind. The EcoPosh One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper is made from recycled water bottles, bamboo, and organic cotton. It is four diaper sizes in one. Like Rumparooz, EcoPosh also uses our patented double gusset to prevent leakage. This diaper will fit babies from birth to potty training. The Ecoposh line also makes knit wool diaper covers in two sizes, and training pants that are made from the same organic and recycled materials as our diapers. With products designed by a mother for her own children, we continue to make only the best cloth diapers for all the babies out there – including yours!