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Every Parent Needs Washable Diapers

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? I mean, aren’t all diapers washable diapers? Well, yes they are, but Kanga Care cloth diapers actually improve with washing, and that is kind of special. You may have heard the argument “just use disposables, it’s easier for everyone that way,” but it really isn’t!

Cloth Diapers are Better for Babies and for the Environment

Disposable diapers use harsh chemicals in their manufacturing. Those chemicals can cause allergic reactions leading to diaper rash, and disposing of used diapers puts those chemicals back into the ground, which adds both solid waste and human feces to our landfills. Kanga Care even has our Kanga Care has an organic line called Ecoposh, which are made with organic cotton and bamboo, and even use recycled plastic bottles in the outer layer. In other words, they are actually reusing and reducing the burden on our landfills. How cool is that?

How You Wash Diapers is Important, Too

When washing your baby's diapers, make sure not to combine them with other articles for sanitary purposes. Also be sure to use gentle cleaners to keep your baby's skin safe from possible harmful chemicals. This will help to avoid any harmful allergic reactions and diaper rash. It you are unable to do your own laundry for your child's reusable diapers, diapering services are a helpful alternative. Because Kanga Care’s one size cloth diapers are made to be kept in our wet bag or pail liners until they are washed, there is no need to have them soaking in chemicals. By pre-rinsing, washing in an approved soap, and running a second rinse, our diapers will never cause allergic rashes to your baby’s bottom.

One Size Washable Diapers Can Save You Money

Both our Rumparooz and our EcoPosh diapers are adjustable. There's no need to buy new diapers when your baby grows; just adjust the snap system and you will get a perfect fit every time, from newborn to toddler. With our patented double inner gusset system, liners, and soakers, there is no better, more adaptable diaper on the market – and no folding, ever! Rumparooz diapers come in an amazing variety of colors and prints if you want your baby to be styling all the time. EcoPosh one size come in five organic colors, and not even our dyes will harm the environment. So take your pick of any one size cloth diapers on the market, but just remember that Kanga Care Rumparooz and Ecoposh one size are washable diapers that actually do improve with washing!