How to Choose the Best Diapers for Baby

All babies need diapers for the first few years of their life. As parents, we want to make sure our children are comfortable, clean, and taken care of. At Kanga Care, we can help! Diapering is easier if you have the right kind of diaper, and that is where we come in. Kanga Care was founded by parents who could not find a diaper on the market that worked for their daughter's sensitive skin. Once we created a product that met our needs, other parents with similar needs found us.

Try Our Popular One Size Cloth Diapers

The most popular item we make is one size cloth diapers, Rumparooz. Rumparooz are made for parents who want lots of colorful choices, both solids and patterns. EcoPosh is our line of products for environmentally conscious parents, who want to care for their children without making a negative impact on the environment that those children will inherit. Both products include our patented double inner gusset to prevent leaks, a pocket for soakers to allow the diaper to be adjusted for absorbency and bulkiness, and an ingenious system of snaps that allows the diaper to be adjusted to fit almost any baby from newborn to toddler. These terrific protectors actually improve with washing.

Not Just Diapers, But Other Products, Too

A baby needs more than just the right diaper, of course, so Kanga Care makes more, including diaper covers. We also make training pants for when your toddler is ready to make that big step and take over their own toileting. Like our EcoPosh diaper line, EcoPosh training pants are made from recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton. They come in three sizes, so they will fit your toddler perfectly, which is important when little ones are first taking charge of their own clothing. So when you are choosing what to use for those first important years, remember Kanga Care is the company created by parents to make the best diapers for parents and babies everywhere!