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Let's Hear it For Toddler Training Pants!

There is good news for your toddler: training pants are here, and they are his or her ticket to independence! Kanga Care would like to congratulate toddlers everywhere on their new found path to freedom and self-control.

We Offer You Two Choices for Toddler Training Pants

Kanga Care's one size cloth diapers have been your best friend while your baby was little, and now we have two choices for training pants to help your little one take their next big step! Whether you choose Ecoposh OBV Training Pants in the same organic color choices as our Ecoposh cloth diapers, or our Lil Learnerz Training Pants in a choice of prints or solids, you get a product that will help your toddler succeed! You can even let your toddler help choose the colors and prints they like best; it will encourage them to pay attention so they do not get their great-looking big kid pants wet or dirty. This is a big challenge for a toddler; no one has ever asked them to be responsible before!

At First You May Still Want to Use Cloth Diapers at Night

Nights and naptime are the hardest times, so don’t even worry about them in the beginning. Just keep using your Rumparooz or Ecoposh OBV one size cloth diapers when your toddler is sleeping. If needed, and your little one is ready for independence at bedtime too, you can place a Kanga Care Changing Pad under them to help soak up any accidents. Another great tip is adding the Newborn piece of the Bamboo 6r Soaker to give them a little more absorbency during longer periods of time.

Training Pants Need to Be Easy for Toddlers to Use

It is important that training pants fit your toddler so that they can get them on and off easily. Praise every success, and don’t worry about accidents too much. When they begin to learn to walk, they take baby steps; it is the same with toilet training. So remember that by focusing on success, you will be setting your child up for happy learning experiences both now and in the future. We all want our children to be happy and successful, and this is where it starts. Don’t rush into it, but when your little one is ready, give them all the encouragement you can. Kanga Care says: let’s go toddler! Training pants are your ticket to freedom!