One Size Cloth Diapers Are the Greatest!

Why are they so great? Because one size cloth diapers save time, money, hassle and the environment! Now what’s not to like about that!? Kanga Care, the company that was founded by a mom, just like you, who was not content with what was on the market, makes both Rumparooz and Ecoposh.

Save Time

No matter which brand you use, our cloth diapers that come in one size save time because they require no folding and snap on quickly and easily. Additional soakers can be added to increase absorbency as needed; liners will help protect the diaper from diaper cream and staining, and will also make clean up easier. We also offer Wetbags to make going places with baby easy. Just put the used diaper in the Wetbag and zip it up. There will be no fuss, no muss, and no smell. See, it’s easy!

Save Hassles

You mother or grandmother may have used the big cloth diapers that you had to fold, one way for girls, another way for boys. Rumparooz and Ecoposh use the same diapers and diaper covers for both genders; by adjusting the placement of the soakers, the diaper can be set up to catch the “wet zone” for either a boy or a girl.

Save Money

Because you can adjust these diapers as baby grows, you will not need to keep buying diapers over and over again. Kanga Care makes only quality, well-constructed products, so you can be sure that both our one size cloth diapers (Ecoposh and Rumparooz) and our diaper covers will last longer than most brands. In fact, if you are planning to have more than one child, they may even last through the second baby. You make one investment and you are good for the next three or four years, until it is time for training pants. That is much better than disposables or single-sized cloth diapers.

Save the Planet With One Size Cloth Diapers!

We are filling up the landfills with waste; trash is clogging waterways and even the ocean. If everyone stopped using disposable diapers, we could reduce much of that trash and give the environment a chance. Any cloth diaper is better than disposables, but our Ecoposh line goes above and beyond by using organic cotton and bamboo for the inner layers and recycled water bottles and organic cotton for the outer layer. This is also true of the Ecoposh training pants. The choice of which diapers to use is just as important as choosing your nursery furniture or car seat. By selecting one of our quality brands, you will be making a sound investment in your baby’s health and your own peace of mind. Whether you choose Rumparooz or Ecoposh, one size cloth diapers are the best option for your baby, yourself, and your planet.