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The Best Cloth Diapers for the Environment and Your Baby

We get it. You want the best cloth diapers for your baby – and for the environment – because let’s face it, your little one is going to inherit this world someday. With Kanga Care cloth diapers, you can get the best of both worlds. Cloth diapers are reusable and biodegradable, unlike chemical-filled disposable diapers that spend centuries decomposing in land-fills. Made from absorbent materials, cloth diapers are one of the best ways you can contribute to the health of your child while saving money and reducing your environmental impact. With Kanga Care, all of our diapers follow these maxims, no matter what size your baby or what your diapering needs are.

One Size Stretches to Fit From Newborn to Two Years of Age

One Size cloth diapers rarely live up to their name, but at Kanga Care we know that your baby doesn’t miraculously have a “no diaper” time after they’re born. You need those diapers right away! That’s why our One Size diapers fit babies from six pounds to forty pounds, letting you reuse cloth diapers as long as possible so that there is a minimum of waste – and out-of-pocket expense. For smaller babies, Lil’ Joey newborn and preemie diapers go as small as four pounds. Our special adjustable snap system means that your diapers transition with your little one as they grow rather than wasting packages of disposable diapers. This versatility saves on household waste and saves on your wallet. Reduce the thousands of dollars spent on disposable diapers to a few hundred dollars over the lifetime of your baby’s diapering needs.

Ecoposh OBV Makes the Best Cloth Diapers Ecologically Sound

For those looking for a natural fiber cloth diaper, a great solution is the Ecoposh OBV collection of cloth diapers, the next step up in environmentally sound diapers. Not just cloth and comfort, these diapers are made from recycled and organic materials of Organic Bamboo Velour for the utmost in environmental consciousness and style. Recycled plastic water bottles making up the exterior of the fitted cloth diaper, bamboo and organic cotton for the plush interior, make these the most environmentally sound cloth diapers around. Ecoposh OBV Cloth Diapers come with the same patented double leg gussets that the Rumparooz and Lil Joey cloth diapers feature, thus keeping the mess inside where it belongs. Super absorbent bamboo inserts are stuffed into the diaper pocket for top notch mess management. Best of all, you can brag about how your baby is starting their environmental awareness early. Do not forget the Ecoposh OBV collection are fitted cloth diapers and need an exterior layer to make them waterproof such as Rumparooz Covers. Choose from several trendy, neutral colors and be assured that your baby will go through diapering in comfort, with the best cloth diapers around.