The Cloth Diaper - Stylish and Economical

Vibrant colors? Cute prints? Snazzy plaids? The cloth diaper has come a long way in the last few decades. Gone are folded white cloths and ill-fitting designs that may or may not keep baby (and you) dry. Today’s cloth diapers come in cutting edge fashion motifs and cute prints that only add pizzazz to the fact that they are effective, clean, and easy to use. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on diapering your child when a few hundred will get you set up with reusable, adjustable cloth diapers that can carry your baby from birth to two years without a problem. At Kanga Care, we believe the cloth diaper is the best option for your wallet, the planet, and your baby’s bottom.

Stylish Choices and a Great Fit

Cloth diapers aren’t just about economy and convenience. If you’re a first time mom – or a seventh time mom – you want your baby to look their adorable best. Cloth diapers come in an array of colors and adorable and fashionable prints. Bright colors, ubiquitous neutrals, trendy plaids, or adorable owls and foxes are all options. Since you get to reuse your diapers, you can be assured that you aren’t paying any upcharge for fashionable “trendy” designs like you would with disposables. Rumparooz diapers come with a double leg gusset to ensure messes stay in the diaper. Our one size option has a variety of snaps to let you adjust the diaper from newborn and six pounds up to thirty-five pounds – taking your cloth diapers through the entire diapering period of your child. Simply choose the cover styles that you like, get the absorbency pads that are right for your baby, and you have a diapering system that works great, fits great, and looks great.

The Cloth Diaper Remains an Economical Choice

Even at about twenty-five cents per disposable diaper, those costs add up to well over a thousand dollars over the lifetime of diapering a child. In contrast, the reusability of cloth diapers makes Kanga Care diapers a great choice for your wallet. Adjustable sizes mean diapers grow with your child rather than wasting money on new sizes that may not even fit. Furthermore, washable liners and diapers reduce the number of diapers you have to buy, saving you hundreds over the course of the diapering period. Even diaper services that launder and deliver cloth diapers can’t compare to the economy of your own set of cloth diapers and your washing machine. Ditch the disposables and turn to the cloth diaper from Kanga Care instead.