Fraud Blocker The Kanga Care Wet Bag Keeps it Clean!

The Kanga Care Wet Bag Keeps it Clean!

If you are looking for a clean, neat alternative to messy diaper pails, then our Wet Bags from Kanga Care are the answer. No one likes the trash from disposable diapers, or the smell! If you use cloth diapers, you have to have an odor- free system for dealing with the dirty ones until you can get them into the wash, especially when you are out and about with your baby. Our Wet Bags are made to lock in odors, while designed for ultimate functionality! Including a snap handle and 3D opening for ease of use. We offer two different sizes in wet bags to fit your needs, whether on the go, or at home.

The Kanga Care Company

Invented by the Kanga Care brand based out of Golden, Colorado (the same company that created Rumparooz Cloth Diapers), the Wet Bag was designed by a mother to solve her own infant care needs. Founded in 2007 The Kanga Care Company provides quality infant care products to save families money and give you the best possible diapering experience available. All of our pocket and AIO diapers have patented double inner gussets which prevent leaks and blowouts. We have made it our business to provide the best products on the market for any baby’s bottom. Through innovation and workmanship, we design products that are what we want for our own babies, and then we make them available to others who want them! At Kanga Care we did not set out to create a market; we addressed a need that was there and which was not being adequately met by the big commercial industries.

Preventing Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a problem for most babies from time to time. It is painful and makes babies fussy, which is not good for anyone. Most diaper rashes can be avoided by not exposing baby’s tender bottoms to strong chemicals, either those that are contained in disposable diapers, or disposable wipes. Thankfully with Kanga Care’s cloth diapers, you do not get any of these harsh chemicals! The best way to store diapers waiting to be washed is either in a dry receptacle, in a wet bag, or pail liner, they should never be stored in water or bleach. Soaking a diaper like this will void your warranty and will cause damage to the TPU lining.

Wet Bag Size, Colors, and Price

Our full size wet bag is made to hold up to 15 cloth diapers and inserts, and our mini holds about 6-8. Our mini wet bag will hold exactly half the volume and is made to be shorter, and smaller. The zipper and handle however are the exact same size! We make our wet bags with a 3D opening and cylindrical shape to maximize convenience and capacity. They are so reasonably priced that you can have more than one, so you can have one in the nursery, one for the diaper bag and one anywhere else that you need it. Some people even love repurposing these after your cloth days for storing unpaper towels or other household needs! Baby things should be fun, so we make these convenient portable bags in a wide variety of fun prints and colors – and you can even get changing pads to match! How cute is that? So when folks say you need disposable diapers when you leave the house, they are wrong!