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Time for Pull Ups, Diapers for Potty Training

It has been a wonderful few years since your baby was born, and now it’s time to begin toilet training. It’s time for pull ups! Diapers are a thing of the past, and not a moment too soon! Kanga Care has just what you need. It’s time to celebrate with your toddler the joys of being a big kid; time to get them pants that they can pull up for themselves.

Cloth Diapers for Potty Training? Of Course!!!

If you have been using Kanga Care brand Rumparooz with patented inner gusset leak prevention technology, you can continue to use them with diaper covers as overnight diapers, since they will fit children over 40 lbs. Even so, you will also want to purchase some pull ups diapers for big kids to use during the day. Kanga Care brand, based out of Golden, Colorado is a company started by a mom to solve her own problems finding the right products for her own children. One of our best products for toddlers is Ecoposh OBV training pants, which are made out of bamboo rayon, organic cotton, and recycled water bottles. Yup, that’s right! It's yet another way Kang Care helps preserve the environment and cut down on landfill.

It Doesn’t Happen All at Once

Helping your child master potty training is the first step to teaching them to care for themselves. Toddlers want a little independence, and what better way to give it to them? But they also need the proper tools to help them through the learning curve and keep things positive. That is why here at Kang Care we make Ecoposh OBV Training Pants with two layers of absorbent bamboo rayon and organic cotton. While cloth diapers have the extra protection of diaper covers to keep messes contained until they can be changed, our Ecoposh OBV training pants come with a hidden panel of water resistant polyester TPU. This extra layer allows the occasional lapse to occur without making a huge mess. Accidents are going to happen, but it is so important to keep things positive for your little one; to celebrate the victories, and learn from the occasional failure. These training pants come in three sizes so you can get the size that fits your growing child perfectly! Pull ups diapers need to be easy for toddlers to take on and off, so they can focus on learning to manage their own bodies, rather than getting frustrated with their underpants. Today, potty training; tomorrow, the world! You and your growing child can go bravely into that new world with Ecoposh OBV Organic Training Pants from Kanga Care. They're the perfect pull ups diapers for the next generation.