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Why Choose Fitted Diapers?

Fitted diapers are easy to use, and when you have a baby, easy is the name of the game! EcoPosh by Kanga Care are some of the best fitted cloth diapers on the market!

What to Look for in Cloth Diapers

When shopping for cloth diapers, there are several things to consider: ease of use, absorbency, price, quality, care, and – let’s face it – style. Fitted diapers are much easier to use and care for than ones that have to be folded and pinned. Kanga Care has patented inner double gussets, to prevent leakage. Our EcoPosh one size will fit your baby from 6 pounds to over 40 pounds, and by then it is time for training pants. This means you will save money over any sized cloth diaper or disposables. The snaps on the front of our diapers adjust for the baby’s size, and feature an inner pocket for placing a 6R soaker for absorbency. EcoPosh diapers come in 5 organic colors to choose from! By investing in one size cloth diapers for your baby, you pay for your diapers at the beginning and then never need to buy more, instead of paying over and over for disposables.

Kanga Care Gives You Choices

Fitted  diapers are a great idea, but different families will have different priorities. If your baby is extra tiny at birth, you may want to start them with Lil Joey or Ecoposh OBV Newborn diapers, with all the same great features as the one size, just smaller! We also have 6R soakers to insert in most of our diapers, liners to help minimize the mess, and covers for diapers that are not waterproof!

Accessories and Extras

If you are going to use cloth diapers, you need a way to transport the wet ones home when you take baby with you on an outing. Kanga Care makes Wet Bags in a variety of colors and prints to match your diapers! They feature extra strong zippers, sealed seams to lock in odor and a snap handle to hang them anywhere! You can also get matching changing pads! If you have an older child who has interest, but is not old enough to diaper a real baby, we use our scraps to make doll diapers! This way we further minimize waste and allow older kids to participate, learn and play. So when you are making that very important choice of how to diaper your baby remember Kanga Care makes a wonderful, economical variety of diapering options and accessories!