Wool Diaper Covers: an Idea Whose Time Has Come Again

Your grandmother probably used wool diaper covers, and the plastic diaper covers that came in around 1950 were hailed as a revolutionary improvement. Unfortunately, there was a downside; diaper rash became a huge problem in babies whose mothers used “rubber pants.” Because they are so good at containing the urine, it is more likely to become ammonia, which is very irritating to baby’s tender skin. This is the main reason to reject plastic pants and try something else.

Kanga Care Offers an Environmentally Friendly Line of Products

EcoPosh, a Kanga Care brand based out of Littleton, Colorado, has taken the best of the cloth diaper and of the old woolen diaper covers and improved on these ideas. EcoPosh One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper has an innovative system of snaps that allows them to be snugly fitted on babies weighing anything from 6 to 35 lbs. or more. This means your family will save money by only having to buy one set of diapers for your baby. The outer cover is made from recycled water bottles and organic cotton, and comes in five colors; the body is made from bamboo and organic cotton, and features our exclusive dual inner gussets that prevent leakage. There is a pocket in which to insert the bamboo soaker (included) for extra layers of absorbency and protection. We also offer an EcoPosh Newborn Diaper for infants weighing 5 to 14 lbs, which features a cord snap to keep the diaper away from the healing cord stump. The snap can be undone once the cord is fully healed. When your baby is ready for potty training, we have pull ups made from the same eco-friendly products.

EcoPosh Wool Diaper Covers

We know that cloth diapers are better for baby’s sensitive skin than disposables, but not if used with plastic diaper covers. EcoPosh wool diaper covers are made from a soft and stretchy knit that is waterproof and durable. They are highly breathable yet extremely absorbent without feeling wet on the outside. We make them in two sizes, one for 8 to 20 lbs., and the other from 15 to 35 lbs. They make the perfect cover for newborns, toddlers, even during potty training. They fit perfectly over our Recycled Organic Fitted diapers, prefold diapers, EcoPosh Training Pants, any all in one cloth diapers and really, any cloth diapers! Having a baby is a wonderful celebration of life, and EcoPosh has everything you need to diaper your little one in an environmentally friendly way that is one of the best choices for your baby’s health, too. With fitted diapers for all phases and pull up training pants that can all be covered with EcoPosh wool diaper covers, you and your baby are off to a great start!