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Ecoposh OBV One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper - Boysenberry
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Ecoposh OBV One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper - Boysenberry

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Say hello to Ecoposh OBV :: Boysenberry! Such a vibrant purple deserves to be in your cloth diaper collection. Our beloved Ecoposh fitted cloth diapers, famous for their work-horse absorbency and ultimate over night protection, have been REFRESHED! The new, refreshed Ecoposh OBV is the same One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper except now the interior has been made using organic bamboo velour (OBV) which creates a plush feel for your little ones bum and is the ultimate luxury against their skin. Ecoposh OBV is available in 5 brand new Earth-inspired saturations: Boysenberry, Saffron, Atlantis, Caribbean and Glacier!

Ecoposh OBV is a One Size Pocket Fitted cloth diaper:

One Size:
  • Grows with your child from birth to potty training through adjustable snap settings.
  • Adjusts to 4 different sizes to accommodate little ones from 6-35 pounds.
  • Each Ecoposh OBV comes with a 6r Soaker set made out of organic cotton and rayon from bamboo
  • Fitted diaper + 6r Soaker set = 10 thirsty layers!

Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are the original cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of double inner gussets. US Pat. 8,425,483 has been issued exclusively to Kanga Care LLC.

The Ultimate Night Time Diapering Solution!

The premium blend of fibers along with the Kanga Care bamboo 6r Soaker is perfect for heavy wetters and nighttime solutions. The Ecoposh OBV One Size Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper is a premium solution for parents looking for organic materials in a cloth diaper. The exterior layer, which gives the Ecoposh OBV the various colors, is a cotton/polyester blend that is made from recycled water bottles.

What is a "fitted" diaper?

A Fitted cloth diaper is shaped like a diaper and has some form of snaps or velcro to fasten the diaper onto the baby. Fitted diapers are not waterproof and will require some type of diaper cover to keep the wetness contained. The Fitted diaper category lives in the space between Prefolds (flat, square, cotton/bamboo diapers that require folding and pining to fasten onto baby and need a cover to be waterproof) and the more modern Pocket Diaper or All In One (waterproof, has either snaps or hook/loop features so that it can fasten onto baby.)

Additional Information

To Use:

  • Before first use diapers and bamboo 6r Soaker should be prepped: Wash 5X in hot water (no detergent) with a cold rinse, tumble dry medium.
    This will shrink diapers to appropriate size and "sponge" up fabric for maximum absorbency.
    (Diapers will be at their fullest absorbency after 10 washes but may begin use after 5 washes.)
  • Snap diaper rise to proper size setting.
  • Select the proper 6r soaker for size of diaper and insert through pocket opening, placing soaker inside the diaper.
  • Fasten diaper to baby
  • This diaper needs a cover! Use with the Rumparooz One Size Diaper Cover.
Wash & Care Instructions

The number one thing to remember when caring for your diapers is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks.

Washing Instructions

  • 1 Cold rinse
  • 2 Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
  • 3 Cool rinse
  • 4 Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

Detergent Recommendations

Click here for Kanga Care's list of recommended detergents that have undergone testing and fulfill the necessary requirements for effectively cleaning human waste.

Please do not use laundry additives such as bleach, Oxiclean, Borax or Bac-out to wash your Kanga Care products, learn more about how this can negatively effect your cloth diapers and accessories.

If you have questions about our washing instructions, please ask! We are happy to help!

Sizing Information

  • Newborn setting starts at 6 lbs
  • Small setting starts at 10 lbs
  • Medium setting starts at 15 lbs
  • Large setting (fully un-snapped) starts around 20 lbs and will fit up to 35-40 lbs.
  • Patented Double Inner Gussets!
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Back in stock!

Ecoposh is our absolute favorite nighttime solution so glad they are back in stock!

Carrie R.
United States United States

Great diaper for a good night's sleep!

WOW!! I really like these diapers! I hadn't tried them before, but we're *trying* to convince our LO to sleep longer stretches at night and these let her go the longest stretches without waking. They are soooo very soft, incredibly absorbent, beautiful colors. I am just such a fan of this diaper!

Andrea C.
United States United States

Definitely need for overnight!

I recently bought 5 of the ecoposh diapers to try for overnight, I wish I bought them sooner! My baby is 3 months old, every night I would have to wake her up to change her diaper and she would cry every single time. I finally decided to try the ecoposh out for nighttime and it has changed everything! No more crying during the night due to unwanted diaper changes!

Katie G.

The Best Overnight Solution!

This fitted diaper is what made it possible for us to cloth diaper full time! Overnight my little guy always leaked even with disposables. But he stays dry all night with Ecoposh! No leaks! I add an extra newborn bamboo insert on the outside of the fitted and on the inside of the waterproof cover and it works great! Best overnight solution!


Solid color of my soul

:,) So excited to FINALLY own this boysenberry color!!!! Thanks to Kangacash, I was able to order this immediately, without worrying about paying much for something we unexpectedly needed. Part of my minimalist approach with our diapers was to ensure that I ONLY had just what we needed & no more. Our first 3 ecoposh in glacier, atlantis & caribbean, were it! We also had our very first RAR OBV in saffron & we were doing incredibly well with those 4 in addition to our everyday/daytime RARz. I've been secretly eyeing this color for FOREVER, but it wasn't "needed". Well, life happens, just like the **** that comes out of our babies. XD ... but more frequently & currently, MY (toddler) baby LOL! Not really sure what was happening, but he, out of nowhere, started to **** right before bed & then right before waking up! So what does THAT have to do with getting this product? This tiny situation turned into an unforseen, extra amount of changes needing to happen & setting into the reality of needing to add at LEAST 1 more OBV to our stash for nights. As sure as **** on a new diaper, guess who stopped quadruple pooping when this was prepped?! =/ I really can't be upset though LOL. I now have a "just in case" EcoOBV =) & my solid color soul feels complete now! Beautiful color!!!

San Diego