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Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Covers - Quinn
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Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Covers - Quinn

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Meet Quinn One Size Diaper Covers - A classic design bold enough to brighten your day with your little one. The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover is designed to grow with your baby, with 4 adjustable rise settings; newborn, small, medium and large. Weight range of cover starts at 6 pounds and will fit up to approximately 35+ pounds. Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Covers are generously sized and designed to fit over most fitted or prefold diaper. Covers may be used multiple times before washing but should be placed into the laundry if it becomes soiled. Kanga Care uses a water resistant polyester TPU which is a solvent-free polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process, not chemicals. This process is low in toxicity and is better for the natural environment then traditional PUL.

One Size Cover = 4 Sizes in One!

The Rumparooz One Size Diaper Covers have 4 adjustable rise settings that are designed to fit your baby from birth to potty training with 1 cover. Weight range of cover stars at 6 lbs and will fit up to 35+ lbs.

Additional Information

To Use:

  • Before first use, wash diapers once.
  • Snap diaper rise to proper size setting.
  • Fasten cover to baby over a flat, pre-fold or fitted diaper.
Wash & Care Instructions

The number one thing to remember when caring for your diapers is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks.

Washing Instructions

  • 1 Cold rinse
  • 2 Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
  • 3 Cool rinse
  • 4 Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

Detergent Recommendations

Click here for Kanga Care's list of recommended detergents that have undergone testing and fulfill the necessary requirements for effectively cleaning human waste.

Please do not use laundry additives such as bleach, Oxiclean, Borax or Bac-out to wash your Kanga Care products, learn more about how this can negatively effect your cloth diapers and accessories.

If you have questions about our washing instructions, please ask! We are happy to help!

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One size?

Quality great but my (larger) nine month old is already at the biggest settings for the snaps. I am not sure how useful it will be for us in the long run.

lorianna p.
United States United States

Kanga Care

Hi Lorianna! I would love to do a fit check with you! I can assure you, they will fit for the long run! Some kids actually will even go down a rise once they start to crawl and get more lean. But I would love to do a fit check to make sure!


My Son's Favorite Rumparooz Print

I wrote in a previous review, on Peacock, that I had gotten some Rumparooz covers when I was new to using covers and ended up selling them. Quinn also happened to be in the box I got and one that I sold. I was actually very attached to this cover and didn't know, that is, until I no longer had it! So. I just HAD to buy it again a couple weeks ago. As always, we never have any issues with the covers themselves. The double gussets are just gold and I can NOT say enough about them. I swear my son would have had some VERY messy pants the last couple days if it weren't for Rumparooz keeping the poo where it belongs! Highly recommend you give Rumparooz a try if you're at your wits end with other PUL or TPU covers and have leaks or stinks. I haven't had but ONE leak so far and that was due to the fact that I knew better and used a flour sack towel (without a booster! *cringe*) on my 18 month old son while going grocery shopping. Give them a try! :)