Fraud Blocker Snappi - Kanga Care Exclusive Sweet 3 pk :: Infant
Snappi - Kanga Care Exclusive Sweet 3 pk :: Infant
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Snappi - Kanga Care Exclusive Sweet 3 pk :: Infant

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Introducing our Kanga Care Exclusive Sweet Snappi 3 pack!!

What is a Snappi?

Where ever you would use a diaper safety pin, use a Snappi instead and Snappi away your diaper pinning blues! This Snappi fastener is the perfect solution to make diaper changes more efficient. With its secure grip and stretchy design, this fastener won't let that cloth rear show the slightest hint of sagging – so you can keep little ones snug and comfy! Goodbye nappy pins, hello Snappi!

How do I use a Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener?

Using a Snappi is a simple and effective way to secure cloth diapers without the need for pins. The Snappi is designed with T-shaped grips and stretchable hooks to hold the diaper fabric in place. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a Snappi diaper fastener:

  1. Diaper the Baby: Place your diaper of choice onto baby
  2. Position the Snappi: Place the center of the Snappi on the front of the diaper, just below the waistband with the logo facing up. The Snappi should resemble a "T" shape.
  3. Hook the Left Side: With your right hand, place the left hook into the diaper fabric on the left front hip area of the diaper. Stretch the Snappi and pull it horizontally across the diaper, holding the fabric securely in place. Keep the tension on the Snappi firm but not too tight.
  4. Hook the Right Side: When you right the front right hip area of the diaper, place the teeth of the right hook in the diaper fabric.
  5. Hook the Bottom: Once the right and left sides are hold the wings of the diaper closed  is it time to secure the Snappi. Stretch the bottom grip of the Snappi and pull it straight down, hooking it onto the center of the diaper between the legs. The Snappi should now form a "Y" shape. This will help prevent the diaper from sagging and ensure a snug fit.
  6. Check the Fit: Once the Snappi is attached, check the fit of the diaper to make sure it's snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit one finger between the diaper and your baby's skin at the waist and legs.
  7. Add a Kanga Care Diaper Cover: If you're using a Snappi with a prefold or flat diaper, you will want to put a waterproof diaper cover over the cloth diaper to prevent leaks.

That's it! Using a Snappi is an excellent way to secure cloth diapers quickly and efficiently, without the need for pins, making diaper changes easier for you and your baby.